May 14, 2009

One out of 237!

There are days when I take a about a thousand photos and have 3 dozen good ones, so many I don't know which ones to blog about. Then, there are days when I take a million (not really but it's a bunch!) and get 1 shot that I like. One single photo that makes me say "Ooooo, I wanna play with that one!" This is my one photo from 237 shots taken yesterday afternoon. The clematis on the front lamp post finally bloomed so I had to get a pic of it.

This is the original with Pioneer Woman's Boost action ran on it.

This is the same photo with a Sheispretty Texture (the blues 2) applied. Check out her Sheispretty Deviant Art texture page. She is sharing some excellent textures.

and one more with the Antique 1 Sheispretty Texture.

I couldn't get the blending mode (overlay, soft light, etc.) to look right with these textures so all I did was applied the texture as a new layer and then reduced the opacity and touched up a few spots with my eraser that I wanted to show a little better until I had the photos just way I wanted them.
I love hearing your opinions on which you like best, so please let me know!

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