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  • A Little African Magic: Life on a farm in the African bush with horses, dogs, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep and a pig or two.
  • Chickens in the Road
  • Crystal Jigsaw
  • Eden Hills's Blog:  I have a 75 acre farm in Iowa that we are working towards making it my primary job by having crops, market, events center, winery and all kinds of fun stuff.
  • El Vigilante's Rural Journal: I live on an 80-acre Nebraska farm with my husband as well as quite a few critters. We have cattle, turkeys, chickens, guineas, ducks, dogs and cats.
  • Everyday Ruralty: I'm a chef who married a farmer. We home school our kids while running the farm as a family. We raise beef cattle, pigs, chickens and vegetables for customers here and at a large farmers' market.
  • Farming Friends: I live on a mixed farm with 200 acres of arable and 100 beef cattle which my husband farms and then I have 100 quail, 29 guinea fowl, 2 saddleback sows and their piglets, 9 hens and 7 khaki Campbell ducks!
  • Farm Tails
  • Fresh From the Farm:  I love living on the farm. I am a farmer's daughter and farmer's wife too! I am here to share our life on the farm as I know many people do not understand how hard our farmers and ranchers work. I also will be sharing recipes and any other thought I have. ;) I live with my husband and our three children on our 4th generation farm/ranching operation. We raise wheat, flax, soy beans and sunflowers on our farm. I feel that we are so blessed to raise our children on the farm and to be stewards of the land. I love cooking from scratch in the old fashion farm-style way, gardening and crafting. Hope you will stop over and say hi. :)
  • Hen House Diaries
  • Life on a Southern Farm
  • Life on Our Iowa Farm: Hello, I'm Christi! I live on an Iowa farm complete with kids, cattle and corn! My husband, Ryan, and I have been married for 10 years and we have two children. With the kids, animals and crops our days are always an adventure!
  • My Country Blog of This and That: I'm a 37-year-old wife and mom on a little farm in Kentucky. We have goats, dogs, chickens, guineas, and cats and the boys really want a pony! Come on over and join us!
  • Nothing But Country Livin:   I am married to my childhood sweetheart and I love the simple life we live. I love gardening, family, eating healthy, photography and being a Grandma.
  • Pioneer Woman
  • Providence Acres Farm
  • Quilting the Farm:  I have just moved to an old overgrown farm on 107 acres in Nova Scotia. Hubby and I know nothing about farming, so please join us for the adventures and misadventures of bringing the farm back to its former glory.   
  • Red Pine Mountain:   I live on a 300 acre farm in Vermont. We use timber from our woods(from logging it to milling it)to create timber framed dwellings. I also do organic gardening and have started raising heritage breed turkeys. Add to the mix dogs, chickens, guineas, horses, donkeys and more and you have our busy farm.  
  • Run-A-Round Ranch: Texas living in the country with critters, companion animals, wild birds wildlife, and whimsy!
  • The Life of a Farmer's Wife: My husband and I farm around 600 acres of cotton, corn, peanuts, and soybeans. We also have 4 poultry broiler houses with over 132,000 chickens!
  • The Village Haven Farm- 15 acre goat farm w/chickens rabbits and all the wonderful stuff that comes with it :) 
  • The Wife of a Dairyman:  The Wife of a Dairyman blog includes all of the things I love in my life; real food, being a Mom & Wife, farming, photography, healthy living, family, our pets and animals, just to name a few {and in no particular order}. It’s dedicated to sharing with you, what a working family dairy farm is all about. 
  • Thistle Cove Farm - At Thistle Cove Farm, we have rare, hypoallergenic American Curly horses and Shetland sheep with Romney, Merino and cross bred sheep. Wool and Curly fiber is hand spun, knitted, felted and woven to make wearable garments. We're the smallest farm in this southwestern Appalachian Mountain valley of Virginia, where Dave's people settled about 250 years ago. 
  • Useful Gardens:  We are retired professional plant nursery folks with a specialty in rare fruits, enjoying a small five-acre farm-ette that once raised thousands of fruit plants. I blog along about our fruits, veggies, chickens and peacock... it's just fun.
  • Worms A Crawling - Hey, I am a 56 single worm farm (YES I SAID WORM FARMER!!!) on 3 acres with two dogs, two cats and 5000 worms. Give my blog a look see.


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