May 14, 2009

More of Doc!

Glenda, you asked for more pics of Doc so here you go! He is a crowing fool! He crows over and over and over all day long. George is supposed to be back in town tomorrow. I wonder if he'll come looking for his roosters?

He's letting me get a little bit closer but he keeps an eye on me.

Oh and here's an updated pic of the baby chicks! They are growing so fast. There's one little white/yellow runt in there, but she's hanging right in there with the big guys.


Glenda said...

Doc certainly has attitude, I can even see it in pictures! And by the looks of it he can RUN too... great shots!

Glenda said...

Looking at that second picture reminded me of that partridge cochin rooster I had who ran everywhere he went. It used to make me laugh so hard when I'd look out the window and see him streaking across the yard for no reason whatsoever. He was soon named Ben Johnson (Cdn. Olympic runner who lost his medal for using performance enhancing drugs) He was such a nice rooster. I sold him to a woman who was bought him for her husbands 65th birthday present. The husband even emailed me after he rec'd him to talk about what a nice guy he was and comment on how he was named appropriately because he ran everywhere he went at their house too! LOL

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

George is over at his hut but I haven't heard anything out of him yet.


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