May 22, 2009

Bootsie and Her Bitties

Here's little Miss Bootsie and her brood of baby guineas. She hatched 6 of the 8 eggs that she sat on.

Here she is showing them how to eat their starter feed. They are 3 days old and I can tell that they have grown! They are such cute little boogers! They know it too, look how they pose for the camera.

We have 10 new chicks hatched from the eggs in the incubator and another 10 are trying to get out of their shells right now. The guinea eggs in the incubator still haven't started hatching.


Kritter Keeper said...

they are beautiful! thank you so much for joining my blog. i love chickens but the good husband says NO chickens! maybe one day he will change his mind. he thinks they are dirty as he grew up with chickens all over the yard...i don't think his family had pens for them. lovely post and i look forward in watching them grow. what about the other 2 eggs?

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

And thanks for joining mine! I checked the other 2 eggs after the hatching was finished. One little guy looked like he only made it about half way through the incubation period. The egg might have gotten out from under her and chilled. We had a couple of nights that got pretty cold here while she was sitting. The other one wasn't fertilized.

Tell the good husband how good those country eggs would taste!


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