May 4, 2009


I wondered out and took some pics after the rain over the weekend. This weigela has done really well here. I planted it about this time last year, and it is covered in blooms now. I want to get one of the pink ones to go beside this red one.

While I was there taking the photo of the weigela, this little lady was giving me "the eye". This is a female purple martin. The males are a beautiful dark purple/black color. I have wanted purple martins for years but never had any luck attracting them at our other house. Last year, we had a pair come and visit our martin house, but they didn't stay. This year, we have 3 pairs building nests, and I just love them. They are so social and love the boys. They chatter and chirp and carrying on continuously while we are in the yard and even sing along when my husband sits on the porch and plays his guitar. I am hoping that these martins and their young will return year after year.

My next birding goal is to attract orioles!

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