April 28, 2011


Please forgive me for not posting more often. We are having terrible storms and flooding here in Kentucky. The storms we've had have kept me off the internet a lot of the time.

Today is the first day we have seen the sun in a long time! This is 2nd worse flood in history our area has been through. The other was the Great Flood of 1937.

I'd like to share a few photos of the flooding and the sky I have taken in the last few days. It's amazing how something can be so scary and so beautiful all at the same time.

Please keep all of those affected by the floods and recent tornadoes in your thoughts and prayers. I'll be spending tomorrow gathering supplies for the shelter in a small town near us. I grew up with these people. They are friends and family.

It hurts to see them going through something so devastating. Losing things they have worked for all their lives. Farm land will take months to dry out. Many people make their living planting crops here and they have no idea when they will be able to get back in their fields.

The rivers are supposed to crest May 3 and there has already been so much devastation to homes along the rivers.

We went to the Amish Community Saturday and stopped by the swinging bridge. The water was already up and is a lot higher now. Of course, we still had to cross it a couple of times.

Our house is safe from the flooding and I am so thankful for that.

On a happier note....

All this rain has brought out the green.

My weigela bushes are blooming and

my kids are playing in a yard that desperately needs mowing! They also seem to have a lot of fun on this...

Doing this....

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Friday.
Be thankful for all that you have and do a little something to help someone out today. You just never know when it might be you needing the help in return.

April 19, 2011

Desktop Freebie

This photo was taken in front of my parents house. I have it set as my background on my desktop and I love it! I thought I would share with you.
The link below downloads the large file size. Download it then right click on the file name and click "Set as Desktop Background" and there you have it!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Download 1024 x 768 file.

April 18, 2011

Free! Free At Last!

We spent yesterday afternoon after church at the barn. We fixed a leak in the roof, escape-proofed the goose yard (I hope) and mucked out a few stalls. The grass is getting so green here and everyone wants a bite of it!

I let the goats out for a couple of hours at a time to start with so they don't overindulge themselves and end up with bellyaches. Everyone loves green grass! Even the chickens.

This is Pumpkin. He has moved up to head rooster after losing Red.

While the other goats were out picking the field clean, I let Nanny and the babies out to play! Their first outing! They were so excited!
Momma was pretty happy to get out and visit with the other ladies as well.

Prepare yourself for the cuteness. Our boys have gone with the names Buddy, Brownie and Blackie.



and our spoiled runt of the litter with the adorable curled up ear,

They played and hopped and jumped and yelled for Momma when they couldn't see her!

They told each other secrets and plotted to escape again soon!

I can't be totally sure but I think these guys are in on it too!

24 baby chicks from the incubator. They hatched a week ago and I have another 40 eggs due to hatch on May 2! It's definitely Spring on the farm!

April 14, 2011

Blog of the Month

I have decided to start supporting my "local" bloggers! I received the nicest email from a blog follower complimenting me on my blog and offering to exchange links. I've been mulling over the possibility of doing a spotlight blog post recently and saw this as the perfect opportunity to combine a "blog of the month" and a give away!


Go over and check it out! She has a market full of goodies that I want! I'm ordering an Amish made egg (tulip) basket just for me and I'm giving one away too!

I love egg baskets! There's something just so country about them!

To enter: You have to be a follower of my blog and go to Stephanie's blog and become a follower. You can also find her on Facebook through the link on her site. Come back and let me know you have hopped on board over at Stephanie's and you're in!

Contest will end Wednesday, Friday, April 22 at 9:00 Central time! Winner will be announced shortly after!

April 10, 2011

My Baby

My baby turned 5 today!

And I can't believe it.
Where does the time go?
He's growing up way too fast!

April 7, 2011

Oh Baby, Baby, Baby!

We got three......

Not a single girl in the bunch but I'm still proud of all three of them and momma did great!

Labor and Delivery nurse was on duty but my assistance was not needed! Well not until I got to snuggle them anyway!

The rest of the family thinks they are pretty sweet as well!

Awwww, my man holding a baby goat...makes me smile!

Jake's just a little bit proud of them too!

Everyone is nursing and it's going great so far.

We'll keep an eye on these little guys and make sure they all get enough milk. If not, I have bottle supplies on hand but I would rather momma do the work!
Luke's just happy they got here in time for his birthday party on Sunday! He can't wait to show them off.

April 4, 2011

Donkey Love

Could he possibly be any cuter??

Only when he does this!

We spent part of the day brushing and scratching and loving on Dimple.
The boys love him...

And he loves them.

He and Jake play this little game where Jake loves and pets him....

Then he stops....

Dimple takes his big, soft nose and nudges and nudges until Jake loves him again!

And then everyone is happy!!

April 3, 2011

Sampson (AKA Red)

Red spent a few days fighting to recovery from what I assume was an attack by the gander but didn't make it.

It makes me very sad to lose Red. He started out as Sampson but quickly became known as Red and was loved by all of us.

He was a gently giant with the boys. They could could even pick him up and carry him around.

They loved to feed him food from their hands.

Yet, he was fearless when it came to protecting his ladies!

He will be missed! It's hard to find a good rooster!!


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