May 11, 2009

George's "Gift"

Have I told you about George? I don't think I have so let me give you a little background on our neighbor. George is an "every 3 weeks and always during deer season" neighbor. George lives in Tennessee and owns a hair salon. He's tall and goofy and looks a lot like Jeffrey Goldblum. He bought the 70 acres of land next to ours and he wants to be a country boy so bad! He is married or at least he was when he bought the land. I haven't seen his wife since that first time he came over and introduced himself. He did spend Christmas and Valentine's Day alone in what has become known as "George's hut" so I really wonder if his marital status has changed. Anyway, the hut is one of those little pre-constructed building with tiny windows and a tiny front porch. He drives 5 hours about every 3rd weekend to look at his land, fire up the generator, spend the night in his hut and then go back to Tennessee. He stays for a full 14 days during deer season and hunts from morning til night. Last year, he sliced his hand open with his knife and my husband (a nurse practitioner) had to patch him up with one of those "new skin" healing patches that we keep around here in case the boys get cut. Weekend before last, he was here and after he left, I heard roosters crowing! Roosters?? Surely not! The next day, there was a new rooster in my driveway.....We have since named him Hickory....

He wandered around the farm for a day and decided that my chicken coop with my chickens would be the perfect place to roost. The next morning, I see Dickory coming down the driveway....

I start to wonder if our other neighbor got chickens because surely George didn't bring 2 roosters and leave them on his "farm". No, he didn't bring 2, he brought 3! The 3rd day I look out and see Doc....
(who I think is absolutely beautiful!)
All three of these guys are camping out with my hens, rooster and guineas at night and have made themselves right at home. They are still a little wiley but are getting more used to us each day and come running to eat with our chickens now.

I stopped and asked my other neighbor about the roosters yesterday to make absolutely sure they were not hers and she rolled her eyes and said, "George bought them from the Amish when he went to get corn for his deer feeders."

Apparently, he said it was worth the $3 each to watch the Amish kids chase them down. He was told if he poured out corn for them they would stay wherever he left them. My neighbor said he poured out corn and then dumped the roosters out of a grass sack, and being scared, they ran like crazy. He couldn't find any of them before he left. Now, if you knew George this would be hilarious. I can see him frantically searching for his run away roosters.

He is supposed to come "home" to this hut this weekend so I'm sure he will come looking for his roosters. I'm just not sure I want to give them back! I've gotten rather attached to Hickory, Dickory and Doc!


Glenda said...

I'm sooo glad those roosters found you !! People who get critters and don't have any idea how to look after them tick me off. Doc really is handsome! Can you start taking the camera out with you more often and get as many pics as possible? He looks like a painting waiting to happen!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

I sure can, just for you! He's the most jumpy of the bunch. Took him the longest to get here but he's warming up. Plus I have a great zoom on my camera :).

Jamie said...

They are beautiful! I wouldn't give them back either.


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