June 23, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

It must be a day for games! This is the second one for me today. I was awarded the Honest Scrap Award by Kritter Keeper. This is an award given to bloggers who post from their heart! Thank you! You can find her over at her awesome blog, Farm Tails.

Rules of the game.....tell 10 honest things about yourself that most people don't know, tag 10 new people to confess their 10 things and link back to the person who tagged you! I love these little games because #1. Your readers learn things about you that might not normally come up in regular blog posts. #2. Your link gets shared on other blogs, which leads to more readers/followers/friends.

Ok, here goes....
  1. I sleep with one foot out from under the covers at night.
  2. I've been known to wet my pants if I laugh too hard (you're not the only one Curley!)
  3. I once weighed 250 pounds.
  4. I was terrified of heights as a child, yet I spent 2 years rock climbing and repelling back in my 20's and LOVED it.
  5. I studied my butt off through nursing school graduated with a 3.9, passed the RN N-Clex exam 8 years ago then stayed at home and had babies!
  6. We had an outhouse and no running water (my mom drew water from a well) until I was 9 years old and I'm only 36 (that's KY for ya!)
  7. I could beat all the boys on my bus at arm wrestling and mercy (remember mercy?) in high school (even the football players). Please don't tell any of them I wet my pants when I laugh too hard!
  8. I cannot raise my right eyebrow...I can raise my left and I can raise them together but not my right one alone!
  9. If it's supposed to snow, I cannot sleep (at all)...good thing I don't live in Canada (or Alaska!) I also put my shoes on during T-storms - I think I do this because my parents always made us do it (I wonder if it was for our safety or to keep 4 kids occupied instead of scared of the thunder - either way I still do it).
  10. I have lived several different places (even Nashville, TN) but never felt "at home" until we bought this house and farm and moved in 1.5 miles from where I grew up without running water or a bathroom. There are some things I just could not live without now! Those are 2 of them!
And I pass this award on to 10 randomly picked followers/bloggers and they are...
  1. Table for Nine
  2. The Ramblings at Chippewa Creek
  3. Mary's Blog: Living Country in the City
  4. Country Whispers
  5. Fit and Flabless
  6. Prairie Flower Farm
  7. The Self-Sufficient Life
  8. This Kuntry Girl
  9. Life on a Southern Farm
  10. Farming Friends
If you've already been awarded and I missed it, just ignore me!


Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job on that list! So fun. It's nice to get to know you better.


Kentucky Farm Girl said...

FringeGirl, I have somehow been missing your blog. I found it today and it's great! I'm looking forward to reading more of it!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

oh those are so good! the foot thing...when i was a kid, i was scared to leave a foot out fearing a dragon would take a bite! and the water...my husband although older, lived the same lifestyle in southern wv. putting shoes on during a storm is a good idea. you never know on a farm what you might have to do!

Trailboss said...

Well well. Where did you come from? I happened on your blog and it seems to be a fine one at that. I too am from Kentucky.

Kentucky Farm Girl said...

Thank you Trailboss and nice to meet you! I've been reading a bit on your blog and....finally....someone who talks like me! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved your list. I wanted to thank-you for the great cookbook! It arrived yesterday. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes.
I am so behind on things around the farm(I just finished picking greenbeans and hope to start canning today)but I'll try to post later the game. Thanks for thinking of me.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

How in the world did you lose the weight if you once weighed 250??

Kentucky Farm Girl said...

I have to admit that I weighed that the day my son was born BUT I had a 10 pound 6 ounce baby and had only lost 9 pounds when I got home from the hospital! How the heck did that happen?? I lost about 20 more pounds in water weight after that but was still at 221. I worked my butt off (literally) and lost 74 more pounds. Then I gained back up to 235 with my second son...had a 10 pound 1 ounce baby that time and only lost 8 pounds LOL! Worked my butt off again and lost a total of 90 pounds that time. He's 3 now and I've gained about 15 pounds back and I am not happy about it at all. No more babies, so I have no excuses. I will admit, it gets harder to lose each time!


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