July 22, 2011

Land Between the Lakes

We bought a camper! The boys are loving camping at Land Between the Lakes in Western Kentucky. We are leaving again tomorrow to spend a couple of days there. I took these photos last weekend at the Elk and Bison Prairie.

These guys are huge!

They love to get up close and personal.

We also went to the Nature Center where they were having Creepy Crawly Critter Day.

Jake thought it was cool to hold a snake. Luke held it just long enough to get his photo and he was ready to give it back.

We saw lots of animals that had been rescued after injuries and now live at the Nature Center.

This pretty lady was the star of the bird exhibit.

If you're ever in Western Kentucky stop and check out Land Between the Lakes. I'm sure some of my followers from Kentucky know about this beautiful place and enjoy it as much as we do!

July 4, 2011

Weston Lee

arrived on June 27, weighing 7 pounds and 8 ounces. Jake and Luke are very proud of their new cousin. My brother, Stephanie and Adam are very happy to finally have him here!
I apologize for the quality of these photos. I went to my mom and dads yesterday, so excited to get photos, turned the camera on and had forgotten my camera card. I always carry an extra in my bag but guess what? It wasn't in there yesterday.....who's been in my camera bag??
Anyway, poor quality or not......here's Weston!
The colors go with the holiday!

Jake is growing up so fast and was so sweet and gentle holding and loving on him.

Luke thinks it's so cool that he's not the baby in the family anymore!

I'm just happy to have that new baby smell around again! Joe took one look at me holding him and said, "Honey, you know we can't have anymore!" I'm okay with that even though my boys are growing up fast BUT.....
I'm going to spoil this one as often as I can!!!!!



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