May 17, 2009

Update on the Roosters

I am the proud (and legal) owner of Hickory, Dickory and Doc! If you don't know the back story on Hickory, Dickery and Doc, please read George's Gift. George came back to town this weekend and I still had not heard a word from him by yesterday afternoon so on our way to town we stopped. He came running up to the van apologizing for the roosters and saying that he would come and get them but he had no idea how to keep them over at his hut while he was gone. It didn't take much convincing for him to say, "Well if you want them that's great." George's roosters were an impulse buy, a "wanna be a farm boy" buy.

I realized something about George yesterday. He is a "question" man. I have only been around him for very short periods of time but yesterday evening, he and his wife walked over to see the roosters in their new home. (yes, they are still married - I was shocked to see her over at the hut grilling out - if you read the prior George story, then you know why I was shocked). By question man, I mean his conversations are made up entirely of questions to and about you. Is this a defense mechanism to avoid talking about himself? Is he nervous and just fills any tiny gap of silence with a question?

As my husband and I lay in bed last night, we jokingly made a list of the questions he asked...we went on and on thinking of more and more. (Keep in mind that they were only here for about 20 minutes - 30 at the most).
  • Do you see a lot of deer here?
  • Do you see a lot of wild turkey here?
  • Do you see a lot of stray cats?
  • Whose dog is that? (He's in my yard and he's tied up because the chickens were out and he asks whose dog it is - ummmm - mine maybe?)
  • Why is he tied up?
  • What type of 4-wheeler is that?
  • Where did you get it?
  • What type of chicks are those?
  • Where did you get that brooder box?
  • What have you got planted in your garden?
  • Do guineas eat ticks?
  • Why do hens not just set on a bunch of eggs?
  • What does "broody" mean?
  • Do country eggs taste better than store bought eggs?
  • Is your hair longer?
  • Have you met my wife?
  • When are you leaving for vacation?
  • Where are you going?
  • Is your tractor 4-wheel drive?
  • Where do you get fish for your pond?
  • Is he (J) in school yet?
  • Have you done a lot of work on your house since you moved here?
  • Who killed that deer? (antlers hanging on the out building)
  • What do chickens eat?
  • Do you put them up at night?
  • Have you lost any chickens to coyotes or raccoons?
  • Are those sweet cherries or sour cherries on that fruit tree?
  • Is there a lot of heart disease in this area?
  • Is that diesel fuel in that big tank? (No, it's gas)
  • How did you get it filled up?
  • Is your house heated with propane?
  • What kind of birds are those? (barn swallows)
  • What kind of birds are those? (sparrows)
  • Who are the Sizemore's?
  • Who bought the house behind you?
  • Where is your deer stand?
  • Do you turkey hunt?
Those are just the ones that pop into my head as I type and I haven't even had a full cup of coffee yet. I'm sure I could think of many many more if I tried. They just spew forth from him as he talks. Each time he opens his mouth, it's another question. The first few times I met him, he seemed nosy and intrusive. I wasn't sure I liked George much but as I stood there last night trying to correctly answer each question he threw at me like I was in a presidential debate, I realized that I like George, he means no harm with is intense interrogation and I'm not even sure he remembers the answers. I think he's to busy thinking of his next question. From now on, in my world of country blogging, he will be know as "Curious George" oh and he asked me where he could buy peacocks!!! Looks like I may have peacocks in the future!


Glenda said...

You are a much more patient woman than I !

Here's some motherly advice .. I know, I know you didn't ask for it but I'm gonna give it anyway. Be wary as you don't really know who he is or where he goes when he's not there. When you asked " Is this a defense mechanism to avoid talking about himself?" you may have been on to something. Behaviour like that could be just a case of having no social grace but is also indicative of something "off" ... fitting in questions like does J go to school, whose dog is that and why is he tied up, what's in that tank, when are you leaving on vacation may mean he's sly like a fox. Call me over-cautious (that's the polite form lol) but I'd not be encouraging him to be "friendly" and I'd not be answering some of those questions. At the very least, I'd be firing questions right back at him AND his wife... what's your phone number and address in Tennessee, how long have you lived there, where do you work, what do you do there, how long have you worked there, how long have you been married, do you have children ? Yeah, yeah my past is showing through but I don't care! LOL
Of course, I'd also have to fit in some of his own questions back at him just to see if he'd been paying attention. LOL !!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

I do know some things about him and he did give us his phone number in case anything happened on his land while he was away. I also saw the guy feed a stray dog that our other neighbors had abandoned and then take it back home with him. He can't be "all" bad. He mentioned last night that she was still doing good.

Over the course of our meetings, I know that they do not have kids, his wife's name is Joan, he owns a hair salon and the question about vacation came from his telling us that he was going to Atlanta for a hair salon convention. I've done a little research on the web on him (maybe I'm the nosy one LOL) and all that checks out. Joe was grilling the wife while he was asking me about the chickens. We're a pretty good team. Apparently, they have gotten the money to build a house here but plan to wait a couple of years.

I've always been a pretty good judge of people and I think he honestly doesn't even realize he asked 40 billion questions. I don't get any "creepy guy" vibes from him.

Now Mother Glendee, I'll let you talk to him when your here in August and you can see what you think.

Oh and I did talk to my neighbors wife about him and they have been around the 2 of them a lot more than we have and they are of the same opinion that he's sort of a wanna be country boy trying to figure a lot of things out.

He did say it creeped him out to go into town because no body had all their teeth here ROFL(I do have all my teeth btw!)

Glenda said...

Ok, you were waaaay ahead of me then!!

Jess always gives me heck because she says I'm 1)overprotective and 2) my words makes people think that I think they aren't capable of watching out for themselves... gosh, I hope that's not what you thought! Never meant to imply that you were naive! I KNOW what a smart cookie you are !

Maybe it's best I don't talk to him. THe next bunch of questions he asks you will include "Who the heck is that abrasive Canadian woman and why is she at your house?

Jamie said...

Congratulations on your newest additions!

I tend to ask a lot of questions too (not THAT many but...) and I do it because I want to learn. My mind is constantly going 100MPH and when I am in the midst of something new (like a whole new way of living/area/etc) it helps me to feel more comfortable to learn as much as I can.

I also ask questions to I can try to relate or find common ground with the person I am talking with, or to clarify my own understanding so I am better able to help.

Some people also tend to jabber on out of nervousness, and you may also find out that Curious George has many uncompleted tasks and/or can't seem to focus on one thing for too long or other signs of Adult ADD.

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Glenda honey, you know I have long said that you are subtle as a Mac truck and I love you anyway! DH read your comment and said, "Look at Glenda being all protective of you. Just like a mother hen!" with a big grin on his face.

Jamie, I think you hit the nail on the head. He does tend to jabber A LOT and he already has a few things he hasn't finished over on his little farm. He also bought the land and had it up for sale again in 4 months then changed his mind and decided he wanted to build a house. I'll be surprised if he ever actually builds here.


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