May 27, 2009

My Baby Boy

J, my oldest son is my photogenic child. He has always posed for the camera, sometimes to the point that I have had to beg him to tone it down a bit. Pics of him always turn out good, he has the perfect smile, eyes always open and so on. L, my other son, hated the camera until he was 2 years old and would scream his head off if he saw me point it at him. I have SD cards full of pics of him screaming, crying, with his eyes closed, rolled to the side, blurred, what I am trying to say is that when I get a good pic of him I am ecstatic and want to share it with the world, even if it does have a little pizza and watermelon involved. The boys were eating watermelon on the back deck after having pizza this afternoon and the light seemed to make their eyes look so bright blue....that means I run for the camera. I can always tell when I will get good pics by the way their eyes reflect the light. This time, for some odd reason, I got about a hundred pics of J that turned out blurred and closed-eyed, but I got these of my "hard to get a good pic of" little man.

The first two are straight out of the editing, just a white frame added (keep in mind I'm not all that great at photography but I know when I get a pic of my boys that will be placed in a frame and hung on the wall or sat on a side table for me to glance at when they are gone to school or away at Papaw and Mammie's or down for a nap. I love those pics that make their faces look so sweet, innocent and kissable. Please look past the pizza sauce/watermelon and the scratched up nose (that came from a "brother-on-brother" wrestling match from the night before.

Those eyes......I fear that those eyes will cause me nights of lying awake in bed thinking of ways to keep all the girls away! He's mine gals, at least for a little longer!
I did some edge darkening on this last one.
So I will enjoy these for a year or so because it might be that long before he lets me get another good pic of him!


dragondreamer said...

Absolutely AMAZING! What beautiful eyes!! No worries about the melon and booboos.. they're kids and we all know it happens.

Some of my favorite pics of mine involve dirty faces and PROFESSIONAL of the old style shots where my oldest had a black eye!! (was when she was little and had just gotten her big girl bed... and fell out!) A smudge of lipstick on the other and a full set of sepia tones... looks like shadow! That photographer's ideas are almost as memorable as the shots!

Now I'm going put watermelon on my list maybe she'll sit still long enough for me to get a shot or 2 :)

Kritter Keeper said...

such a sweet face! you are a great photographer!

Country Whispers said...

He's adorable. You caught great shots of him.
Yes, I would say you will have many a restless nights with those eyes. At least you have a ways to go before you have to worry!

Michelle Hoad said...

He is absolutely adorable. He has a face that should be in magazines.

Steph said...

Very cute! I love the one of him and the watermelon!

Glenda said...

This is the 3rd time I've tried to leave a comment but it keeps telling me that IE is aborting and then it's gone. Odd.

Hope it works this time.

I just wanted to brag that I get to see him in person in less than 3 months !! And I'm soooo excited !!!


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