April 22, 2009

New Hope!

I came home from my son's dentist appointment, rushed to the incubator in hopes of hearing little cheeps, but still nothing. I watched the eggs, and I know I'm not imagining that they are rocking from side to side a bit. I called my mom. and she said, "Leave them alone for a couple more days. Maybe "the wind" was wrong when you set them." She says never to set eggs when the wind is blowing out of the North. Apparently this makes it harder for the chicks to pip the shells. My mother is a big Ramon's Brownie Calender follower. All her planting, fishing, egg setting, etc. are based on this calendar. I now have one hanging on my wall.

Then to increase my hope even more, I checked my email and got this from my friend Glendee.

"Just read your blog.
If your power was off and on - and on the off chance your thermometer was a tiny bit low give them a couple more days than today. Make sure the humidity is up too. If that is low they might have been fully developed (which is why you would have seen the eggs moving ) and will have a hard time pipping. Of course, after spending all of 24 hours in Kentucky I can't imagine how humidity would be a problem... lol ! Of course, that was summer so I'm thinkin' it CAN'T be that sticky all year round... hehehe. Humidity becomes an issue in the dry north.
Back when I used the hovabators I once had eggs hatch on day 24.
Love ya bunches

So, I now have the opinion of what I believe to be the 2 greatest "chicken women" in the world. I will wait! Come on baby chickies! Come on baby chickies!

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