March 26, 2009

Yes Another One!

I am so excited about this "everything" blog that I'm adding yet another entry today. I think I've blogged in this one more already than the other several combined. Oh yeah, there was a weight loss one in there somewhere too that I forgot to mention before.

A little more about us...

We live on 20 acres in a log home way out in KY. We have chickens, guineas, 2 goats, 2 dogs, and a cat. We had rabbits but they multiplied and multiplied and yes multiplied until I finally decided they were more trouble than they were fun so I gave them all away to new homes where I knew they would be taken care of and then breathed a sigh of relief to be out of the rabbit business. We had ducks but after losing several to coyotes we decided not to do the duck thing anymore. When the kids are older, we plan to get horses. I loved riding growing up and miss it. I hope it's something my kids will enjoy as much as I do when they get older.

I have 36 hen eggs ready to put in the incubator and I am looking for someone who has white guinea eggs because I would love to raise some white ones to go with my Pearl Grays.

Meet Gertie, one of our Mrs. Guineas...

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