March 27, 2009

My Little Orchard

Or at least that's what I hope to eventually have when I get all my trees planted! We went by the Amish Nursery today. They have such healthy plants and at great prices compared to the nurseries in the larger towns.

Since I'm just starting to plant and make flower beds at this house, I'd like to use this blog to keep a list of all the plants I put in. I spent 9 years at our other house getting flowers beds, fish pond and plants just the way I wanted them and then we moved. It's like having a blank slate to start on.

Last year I planted:
Asiatic lilies
Tiger Lilies
Stella D'Ore lilies
Elephant Ears
Bleeding heart
Day lilies
Blackberry bushes

This property had 2 cherry trees and an apple that were all loaded in fruit last year. One of the cherry trees split in the recent ice storm and I'm not sure if it will make it. Today I bought:

1 Bartlett Pear Tree (dwarf variety)
1 Haven Peach Tree
1 Martin Peach Tree
1 Plum Tree

I also bought:
2 climbing Blaze rose bushes
3 planters of hens and chicks
2 (4 pack) cabbage

All that for $96.00.

I would also like to get some grapevines this year.

As for the vegetable garden, I have planted:

and will plant the rest as the weather gets a little warmer.

My mom has requested chili and homemade pimento cheese sandwiches for supper. She had a great report from a stress echo she had done this morning so she wants to eat! I'll post the chili recipe as my recipe for the day in another post!

Oh and after waiting for the fish truck for an hour the guy at the store came out and told everyone that they were a no show but to call a phone number that he gave us and we would get a discount on our fish next time he decided to show up! I really wanted to get my catfish today!

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