March 28, 2009

Rainy Saturday

Woke up this morning ready to go plant my new trees. I walked into the kitchen, poured my coffee (have I mentioned that I love coffee? I get it from my Papaw - he drank coffee 24 hours a day!) Anyway....walked into the den, looked out the French doors and the sky opened up. It's cold and breezy and rainy, yuck! What happened to my sunshine and 74 degrees. My mom called and said that someone (there's always a someone or a they, and in someone said, or they say...) it was going to sleet and snow some today. Noooooooooo! It is Spring! I refuse to share my Spring with sleet and snow. Check the recent post about the ice storm, I think I've been through enough!

I have seed packets and rose bushes and things to plant! Guess I'll be doing laundry instead.

Hmmm, need to go find a rainy day recipe to post and make my children come in from the front porch where they have escaped to and are running through water puddles in their underwear in 50 degree back soon...

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