July 28, 2009

Our Home - The Outside

Want to take a tour of our home? I have a little get together planned for the 6th-10th of August and I will be sharing my home with some of my best friends, friends that I have met through the internet. This will be the 5th Annual TSMG GetAway and it is at my house this year! I am so excited. Since I am sharing my home with these gals, I decided to share it here on my blog also.

I grew up about 2 miles down the road from here so this is my old stomping ground and I love that my kids are being raised so close to their grandparents and the place where I grew up.

We lived in a small town nearby until March of 2007 when we moved in here. We fell in love with the house the minute we walked in the door and told the realtors that night that we wanted it and the 20 acres that it sits on. The log structure of the house was in great shape but there were so many things we wanted to add to make it "ours" so we started a list. We are slowly working our way through that list.

Today I will share the outside with you.
This is the front...

When we moved here there was a raised porch on the end of the house that was made for a hot tub. I hated the way it looked and it came down pretty quickly. We also trimmed the tops off the spindles on the porch to make them level with the top railing. I hated trying to sit up taller in my rocking chair to see over them!

Around this corner towards the barn.....
This is the end (our bedroom). We had a small porch out these doors until a couple of days ago. The heat and air guys are going to have to install the central unit at the end of the house (it's either there or in my front flower beds so I opted to move the porch. We'll still be able to use the door on the right once the unit is installed.
And around to the back.
The back of the house was black when we bought it. The boards and logs had tree sap and dirt so thick that it took woodcleaner/brightener and lots of powerwashing to get it looking like wood again! There was a small concrete slab just outside the back door on the left. We had the deck added last year and we love it! It's one of my favorite places in the world! There are deer and turkey that come into the backyard each evening and we love to spend time grilling while the kids play on their swings. Just a few more weeks and I can get rid of that ugly window unit upstairs! Central heat/air is a huge one that will soon be marked off our list! I am so excited. They are supposed to get to use within the next month. I also plan to do flower beds around the deck someday!

And then I have this photo and I know I have posted it before but when I see it, it reminds me of how my home makes me feel and how I want it to make others feel....warm, cozy and welcome.
I hope you have enjoyed the outside. I'll share the inside tomorrow!


Kritter Keeper said...

your home is so lovely and yes, it is cozy and beautiful! thank you for sharing! i can tell you love your home as it looks perfect!

Country Whispers said...

Great home. It definately spells comfy, inviting, peaceful & relaxing just from the photos.

Andora said...

You have a beautiful looking home..you can tell you love where you live!!!

Jamie said...


Callie said...

Beautiful, warm, loving home! The bottom photo looks like a Christmas Card!

Arlene said...

Oh my I am so excited about seeing your house!!! This rally looks better than when you first moved there. What a great job!!!

glimpse of my world said...

love it.. thanks for sharing!

Elle Bee said...

Gorgeous! I love your garden in front too.


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