July 5, 2009

Meet Rocket!

I wanted to name this little guy Sparky but I got out voted by 3 males in the family and he is now called Bottle Rocket, Rocket for short in honor of Independence Day...the day we found him literally "hanging out" on our barbed-wire fence (pronounced bob-war if you're from KY).

Apparently this little feller was zipping along night before last and hung his coattail on a barb and wrapped himself up all nice and pretty. While I was picking blackberries behind the house my husband was bush-hogging the fence row and yelled for me to come and look. On the fence, hiding his tiny face from the sunlight was Rocket, the little brown bat.

After determining that he had himself all wrapped up and wasn't just taking a nap, I ran to the house for my thick hunting gloves and proceeded to play hero (or heroine in this case). He wasn't happy with me and I am sure I broke a thousand bat laws and restrictions by touching, holding and saving this little guy but I wasn't going to leave him there to die! He was just too darn ugly cute!

Look at those little fangs. He continuously stuck them into my glove. I'm glad I grabbed the thick ones. He had the tiniest little feet.

I see these little guy out zooming around each night catching bugs but this is the first time I have seen one up close.

We checked him over for injuries. He had one tiny little tear in the cape-like skin that stretches between his back legs where the barb went in but other than that he seemed fine. He was more than ready to fly away when I opened my hand.

The boys thought he was wonderful and told everyone at church this morning how they had saved a bat. He was a pretty cool little guy and I'm glad we found him in time to save him. We have decided to put up a bat house now!


Farm Girl said...

They are such neat creatures! you have some neat photos too. We have Indiana Brown Bats in the huge barn loft at my Mom and Dads farm. The babies are pink and cute when they are newborns.

Glenda said...

Poor wee guy, that's surely an odd thing to happen. Good for you for saving him !

Stone Bridge Farm said...

Too cool! I had never seen one close up either...thanks for sharing!

My Name is Arlene said...

WoW!!! Great pics!! I saw one the other night flying around the pond!! They are so useful and am so so glad you saved his life!! Your the greatest!!!

jrosey said...

Aww! So glad you could save him! He sure IS ugly...er, cute! We have a little guy who I've dubbed "Bart" that used to like to "hang out" on our porch. He's been there the last two summers and I keep watching for him, but so far not this year...darn it! So cool that you got to get so up close and personal...you are definitely brave though. Don't they make the weirdest screeching sound when they're scared?

Lins said...

Wow. I am an animal lover like none other, but I'm pretty sure that Rocket has a face that only a mother could love. Yikes. Glad there aren't bats in Flatsville, Kansas.

mommiex4_2008 said...

That is so neat! I've never seen one "up close" before!


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