July 27, 2009

Another Monday

Where does the weekend go? I had 2 baby showers to attend this weekend. Both were fun and the new moms-to-be got lots of goodies for their little ones.

The telephone guy finally showed up Saturday morning while I was still in my nightgown. It didn't seem to cross his mind that it might be polite to apologized for being 6 days late to install my new work line. Since the line has finally been installed, everything is set up here at home for me to work except (there's always an exception, isn't there?) my computer which Reese, the computer tech has. When he is done installing my programs I'm good to go!

There are cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and green beans all over my kitchen and they need to be picked again. I have frozen and pickled and snapped until I'm ready for winter! Not really!

The gas company showed up to move our propane tank farther from the house. After we added the deck, it was too close to the steps and an eye sore. I gave one of the gas guys 2 bags of cucumbers and squash. Couldn't pawn any off on the 2 young guys with him. They looked more like the burgers and fries type to me.

Two of our guinea hens have been setting on eggs in grass behind the barn. They were about 2 weeks into their 4 week setting and what I can only assume were raccoons (or possibly coyotes) got into their nests a couple of nights ago and got several eggs but didn't get the 2 hens. I put a cage around them and they continued to set but the next night something came back and tried with all it's might to reach them through the cage sides. Both guinea hens lost feathers and had blood on their heads where they had beat against the cage trying to get away from what was outside so I made the decision to try to move them to the barn before all the eggs and the hens were lost. I have never had any luck moving a broody guinea hen and this time was no different. Neither of them would go back on their nests after I moved them so I have 37 guineas eggs in the incubator. I could still see movement in some when I candled them last night so hopefully they didn't get too chilled while the moms were refusing to go back on their nests.

The goats are due their CDT shot. They have 6 weeks to go before the babies are due. Nanny is getting fatter each day and looks like she will probably have twins. Nellie looks fatter and there are times when I am positive I see kicking but then I let myself doubt it. I thought she was pregnant when we got her but realized later that she was just fat extremely healthy.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if Nellie gets to be a momma this time.


Linda Stubbs said...

I have 3 guineas right now. I let a lady gardner borrow 3, because the grasshoppers were eating her flowers and garden and they were doing Farmer's Market because her husband lost his job. I wish mine girl would lay some eggs in a nest and sit on the. Maybe next year. I don't know much about them. My neighbor gave me eggs and I incubated them last year. I love the polka dot feathers.
Blessings to you!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

I have the 3 grown ones and 11 young ones that I hatched in my incubator. This is the second time I have tried to move a nest to a safer place and the hen wouldn't go back on the nest. If I thought the hen was safe, I would leave her alone but they always nest out in the weeds and we have so many predators around here that it doesn't take long for them to find her/them.

Kritter Keeper said...

poor little hens, to go through such trauma! glad you moved them in...how come you don't bring them in at night? i know nothing about chickens so forgive me if that was a stupid question, (my grampie brought his in the big barn at night). our house is a mess too. know exactly what you are going through!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

KK, I put all of my chickens up at night but guineas have a mind of their own. Half the time they roost with the chickens and get shut up in the coop, the other half the time they roost on the rafters in the barn or in the trees. I couldn't catch them if I wanted to. My husband has a deal going with my Dad that if he can catch one he'll pay him $20. That's how hard they are to catch! They never lay in my nest boxes, always in the grass field behind the barn. The hens won't leave their nests at night so they are sitting ducks...um guineas... for the coyotes and raccoons.


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