February 13, 2010

Meet Boo!

I want to introduce you to BOO! Boo is a Cochin Bantum pullet. Her Dad and Mom are Stud and Bootsie. Bootsie has always been my little surrogate mother and taken all the babies (or eggs) that I wanted her to take care of. Last year she laid eight little eggs of her own and I decided to let her sit on them and see what we would get. One egg hatched! One out of eight and it hatched on Halloween. She was tiny!
Hatching on Halloween, shortening the name Bootsie and the fact that she was as black as a spooky little Halloween kitty got her the name Boo!
She's grown up to be a beautiful young lady!
She looks like her Dad...
but she's just as sweet as her mother is
and she loves to pose and show off her feathery little boots
and talk to you in that sweet little hen cluck!
They make such a cute little family and they have the run of the new pen since I have moved all the new pullets/hens in with my older hens now that they are laying.

Speaking of older hens laying....
I got pecked a couple of times getting these....
but at least they are finally laying again!

And let me know about the new font size...keep it or go back to the smaller?


Julie Harward said...

I like the font size...and I love the chickens! They are so cute..we have a few here and I just love them. I am hoping for some babies this spring too. Have a good Valentines say and come say hi when you can :D

Jennifer said...

I like it too... Boo is so pretty. Cute background story on her. Glad your chickens are laying again for ya. I've got 36 eggs in the bator right not hatch date the 27th... I'm very excited to see what some of them are going to look like!

Janet, said...

She is so cute! I like the larger font size, too.

Glenda said...

She's Boo-tiful !!

Callie said...

I like the new font size too. We have one sweet regular size Cochin that is a little skittish, but I think that is because she is smaller than the big brahmas and orpingtons. Your little cochins are darling. Glad you are getting eggs again. Our hens have started laying again too.

Kritter Keeper said...

absolutely love this post!!! so very cute and boo is so sweet, i want her! you are so lucky...love your pics, they are very very good and i laughed out loud when i saw that sweet little black thing! ;~)


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