February 24, 2010

New Ladies in the Coop!

I am in love with Ameraucanas! My grandmother had Ameraucana hens. I called them fuzzy faces when I was little, they are also nicknamed "Easter Eggers". I bought 3, what I thought were, pullets from an Amish neighbor. Turns out one of them is a rooster! Yep, this guy was posing as an impostor pullet!
Yep, he snuck (or is it sneaked? or did sneak? whichever!) he got in and made himself right at home! He didn't have these tail feathers when I brought him and he wasn't crowing yet!
So what does that mean??
It means I need more Ameraucana hens so I can raise fuzzy faced chicks!!
I checked at 3 Amish farms over the weekend with chickens for sale and they all directed me back to a man who lives about 3 miles from me. I called him up and YES, he had lots of them.
He had white ones.
and brownish-speckled ones
and BLUE ones! I love the color of these little gals. I got 4 of them.
I picked out 6 Ameraucanas and loaded them in my chicken crate. As I turned to go, I saw these beautiful orange ladies. They looked just like Pumpkin! (You can also see the impostor in the Pumpkin link too). I had to have some Pumpkin ladies! I talked the guy into selling me 2 of these fluffy butt gals also. Can you tell that Pumpkin is a happy man?
Everyone seems to be getting along just great
and I have already gotten 4 blue/green eggs!
Biscuit said to tell you all to check back tomorrow! We're having a give away but we're not telling what it is! You can find out in the morning!!


Vera said...

The chickens are beautiful, when I wa growing up my dad always had chickens, and I have always loved them.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful Chickens! I'm getting ready to hatch out 32... just did lock down on the bator, Sat. is the big day! We have 32 out in the pen :)

Elle Bee said...

We're getting backyard chickens this spring and I'm so excited! We've never done it before and we're just going to start off with two. Everyone is telling me to get Easter Eggers. But the feed stores around here only sell Rhode Island Reds. But I've heard they're not that friendly. Have you had RIR's before?

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

I have several Rhode Island reds and have never had a problems with any of the hens. The Roosters are another story, we had two different ones that would attack the boys for no reason. One brought blood a couple of times and he didn't stay here long!! The RIR rooster we have now is HUGE and he is the biggest baby in the world. The boys pick him up and carry him around. He's almost 3 years old and has never shown any aggression at all towards any of us. I think they are all different, you just have to find one that's docile. The Buff Orpington and the Ameraucana I have are both nice rooster....the little bantum Cochin on the other hand will attack your leg or anything that moves over and over and over LOL. Thank goodness he's not big enough to do much damage!

Julie Harward said...

GIVE A WAYS are in the air, glad you signed up for mine! I LOVE chickens and these are SO cute! I am hoping for babies from ours this spring! :D

Callie said...

I have only seen easter egger chickens in posts. They are such pretty chickens. Glad you found them!

Midge is a very cute little cat. I thought she was a show cat when I first say her photo.

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

I love them!!!! They are gorgeous! And Biscuit is tooooooooo cute!!! :)

Rose said...

I don't have chickens but we always had them when I was growing up. I love fresh eggs. Those you got are beautiful... impostors and all. Biscuit is looking good too!

JAMIE said...

The chickens are beautiful but I love your basset! I am a hound dog lover myself.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your chickens. I had some once and I'd love to have them again. Blue/green eggs would be so cute. It would be exciting to use them. ;-)


Frenchy chick said...

I am in love too!!! I have 2 and this is not enough. Just getting colored eggs make me SO happy!!!

Sunny said...

Your chickens are soooo pretty! I like the white one specially! and Biscuit is gorgeous!

Janet, said...

you have the neatest chickens. I wish we had room for chickens where we live. We had them when I was growing up. I even had a pet chicken, that is until he was give to someone for their Sunday dinner.

Sandy said...

I really like your blog! I'm always happy to see chicken and rooster pics.


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