November 5, 2009

Some New Critters

There are some things that you always have too many of.  One of those things around here is roosters but what did I do today?  I bought another rooster!  The first thing my husband said when I called and told him was, You did what?  Another rooster?  We don't need ANOTHER rooster!  But I convinced him that this was no ordinary rooster, this was a beautiful rooster, a Buff Orpington rooster.  I've never had a Buff Orpington, so of course, he had to come home with me!  Here he is!
He's such a pretty boy!
I can't wait to raise some chicks from him and he seems to be very gentle.  I hope he stays that way.  I don't like mean roosters!
I am still trying to think of a name for him.  I'm thinking Pumpkin because he's the right color and it's the right time of the year but he seems too majestic and royal for the name Pumpkin.  What do you all think?  Any name suggestions?  He's a young guy and will get a bit bigger.  The hens seem to really like him.

I already had 8 young pullets that should start laying at any time but I wanted a few more so I found 6 today.  I was so excited to find what I have always called Fuzzy Faces.  After some research I have found that these are the Ameraucana breed.
PhotobucketMy grandmother had one of these hens when I was little and I loved that she laid pretty green eggs.
I asked to make sure and the Amish man promised me green eggs!
They had 3 of these fuzzy-faced girls for sale and I bought all three of them plus 3 more pretty ladies that look like triplets.
Here's the little hen party they have going on in the hen house.
They are "adjusting".  My pullets are being a bit bossy but I'm sure they will establish a new pecking order soon and all will be peaceful in their little yard again.  The older hens took a stroll by and checked out the newbies but didn't seem too interested.  As long as they have their own
hen house
..........roost pole,
............................laying boxes,
...............................................feed and water and
then they are happy. They don't ask for much (yeah right!) 
I love my chickens!  All 27 of them.  Now, I better start getting some green eggs soon!


Country Whispers said...

Sweet Tater, Pumpkin Pride, Rusty

Kritter Keeper said...

i like pumpkin! i also like peanut for a pet name. your chickens and rooster are beautiful...wish i could have some!

Vera said...

My dad had chickens when I was groeing up, I have always loved them. Love your pictures.

Vera said...


Marissa said...

My kids liked 'Peck', which made me think of Gregory Peck. Your chickens are gorgeous. My next-door-neighbor keeps auracania (?spelling) and a few other breeds I don't know, and I freaked out when I got the first green egg! Now we look forward to them. (And, naturally, the kids fight over ho will get to eat them.)

Tammy said...

Well...another name for pumpkin is me he looks like Jack! He is a very nice looking Rooster and I'm sure the girls are gonna l♥ve him!

Shmoopywood said...

HOW are you doing that? I tried to introduce a pair of cochins to my flock and they killed one!! I am feeling like we will never have new chickens in our flock :(

Janet, said...

I think Red would be a good name for him. Green Eggs would be nice, then you could have green eggs and ham!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Janet, I love the name Red but that's the nickname we use for Sampson our big Rhode Island Red LOL. We'll probably name this one and end up calling him Orange! I am loving the suggestions so far, just can't decide which I like best.

Lisa, I have a pair of small Cochins that I have to keep by themselves. The rooster does fine with the other hens but the big rooster and guineas hurt him and the big hens hurt the little Cochin hen. They finally had a little nest full of eggs and hatched one Cochin baby. He/She is so cute. I am hoping it's another little hen so I can raise a few more.

I think these girls are getting along okay because they are all so young. They are only about 6 months old and most have not started laying yet. They had a few squabbles yesterday when I put them in but they seem to be getting along better this morning.

There are times when I put younger pullets in a cage in the hen house and just put them on the roosts with the older hens at night, then back in the cage during the day. This gets the older hens used to them and after about a week I leave them out for longer periods of time until they are all adjusted.

Okay, I'm rambling now!

~Tonia said...

I was blog hopping and found yours! I am adding you to my blogroll..
On introducing new chickens its good to do it at night.. Lights off go in and stick the new ones on the roost next to the old ones.. THey wake up in the morning and rarely pay attention to the new ones... This has worked everytime for me. I also use the cage in the hen house for little ones..
I have Ameruacanas too. They are different from an Aruacana. But I get all shades of green eggs. Some are almost blue! People tend to freak when they see a whole dozen of green eggs. Lol!

Have a good weekend!


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