February 27, 2010


attracts more than the birds!

If I fill it up in the evenings, they are here within the next 10-20 minutes. I think they hide in the woods and wait for me!
They pretend like they're afraid, but they don't run away. They just keep coming out of the woods.
Some pretend not to see me.
Some keep a close eye on me while they steal peanuts, sunflower seeds and corn.
They're just a little spoiled and I love having them in my backyard!

Don't forget about the BIG SPRING GIVE AWAY!


Shelley said...

These photos are fantastic! I love the guilty look on some of these deer's faces! ANd congrats on getting the addt'l property! Having your own private lake sounds absolutely wonderful!!! Please post photos of it - I would love to see! And I envy you for all the acreage you have. I would love to have more land.

Cheryl said...

Oh gosh, I love it!
(did a great job with pics)

Janet, said...

Boy do these scenes look familiar. I don't think they are afraid at all. They will just stare at you and keep on munching! I love them, even though they are eating up a lot of the bird seed. Love your pictures.

Jessica [beforethedawn.org] said...

Great photos! We have deer and elk, and I love when they come around!

Julie Harward said...

That is the sweetest thing...I love the deer, each different, all so sweet! That is so cute how they know...what fun you are having! Come say hi :D

Jennifer said...

Very Cool!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Are you kidding me? These are just about the sweetest photos ever! They are so beautiful!

tberry29 said...

I am just in awe...I would love for some of our deer to come out of the woodline on our back property...I could watch em as long as they were there! You Lucky thang you! : )


Callie said...

What a great show!
Our deer get chased away by Morgan. They have learned to stay of the property.

Anonymous said...

The deer are just beautiful. We have too many deer on our property because I have a fit if anyone tried to hunt here.
Love the pictures.
Have a great day.

Andora said...

That is totally awesome...I love it...great pics

Sandy said...

Ohhh they are adorable!!!


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