August 14, 2009

White Family Rotary

This old sewing machine is not worth much when it comes to "antique" value but it's worth everything to me because it was my grandmothers. I mentioned to my mom that I was going to start collecting old things for the loft. She said, did you know your Mamaw's old sewing machine is still in her old house? (They use it for storage). I'm sure my eyes nearly popped out of my head! She said you can have it if you want it. Want it???? Of course I want it!!!! So we loaded up and went to take a look. I brought this little baby home with me. She needs lots of TLC but all the parts are still here.

It's a White Family Rotary Machine and from what I find online this company still makes sewing machines today.

It has the flip top cabinet and the machine itself is worn but beautiful.

The patent dates are engraved on the foot plate. It gives me a sense of happiness to know that I have something so old.

The drawers need to be reattached but they are still in pretty good shape.

and there's a metal box full of bobbins and sewing feet.

Setting the tension...

I love this shot...

The foot pedal needs some oil but the sewing machine still works when you get this foot pedal going.

I need to check into cleaning supplies for this type of wood. I can't wait to get this little gal all dolled up and into the loft. I know my grandmother would be proud and happy that I have it and will think of her each time I look at it.

Even the guineas had to come and get a look at my new treasure...


Kritter Keeper said...

oh wow, what a find! i need to clean my grandmother's sewing box...i love to have my grandparents belongings surrounding me. although they are all gone, it kind of brings more life to my memories. have a great time fixing it up. byw, love those guineas. do they get on the porch and poo poo? the good husband will not let me have any chickens.

Shelley said...

Congrats on your treasure! Brought back memories of my grandma's sewing machine - it looks almost the same. Love those Guineas!!! I want one in the future.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

WOW! How great to have such a treasure from your Grandmother's life! I just bought a brand new Singer Portable at an Estate Sale for $30.00!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

KK, the guineas don't get on the porch but the chickens do from time to time. The guineas are looking for sweet corn. When I was putting up corn from the garden, I would sit on the porch and do the cutting off part and toss them a cob from time to time.

Shelley, wish you lived close by, I'd send a few to your house. We have 4 adults, 11 young ones (just starting to make a lot of noise) and 17 more babies in the brooder.

Carol, congrats on the portable! I found an old hand crank ice cream maker, still has all the aparts, for $20 at a yardsale last week. Another treasure for the loft.

Arlene said...

I love the sewing machine!! Seems I remember something like that when I was a little girl a million years ago!!

Callie said...

Fantastic! So wonderful to have your Grandma's treadle. Have fun cleaning her up. Did you give her a name?

Kristin Chester said...

Very nice!!! I've been researching lots of White Family Rotary Sewing machines after picking mine up at a local thrift store last week...the photos of yours are the only ones where the machines actually look identical! Do you know exactly which model/production date machine you have? Will you post some pictures when you finish restoring her? Thanks!


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