September 11, 2009

Prizes, Bee Stings, Goats and More

Oh my where do I start? First of all the prizes were mailed yesterday so go stand by your mailboxes ladies!!!

We were expecting baby goats this week and Nellie went into labor on Tuesday afternoon. Despite lots of help and trying to save the little guy, he came nose first with his legs tucked under neath him. With those long Nubian legs, I just couldn't get him positioned right no matter how hard I tried and we lost him. We did what we had to do to save the momma and she is on the mend. Of course, I cried off and on for the next 2 days. I had really been anticipating this little baby because it would have been Nellie's first since we got her. It's all part of farm life but it's still so sad! Nanny looks like she's about to pop and having pains one after another. I won't be surprised if she has 3! I was up 3 different times making the trek to the barn to check on her during the night and she still hasn't had anything. I talked to one of the local goat breeders and he said that if I left them in the stall together and Nanny had more than one, that Nellie might accept one of Nannies. We're still milking her and we're going to try that. I won't push it but if it happens then I know both (or all 3) of the babies will get plenty of milk. I promise pics as soon as she decides she's ready to share those babies with us.

Last weekend was packed with 2 different birthday parties, open house for kindergarten, my husbands family came to visit from Nashville on Sunday and then we took the boys across the ferry for a picnic and some cave touring at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

They loved the ferry ride. I have pics but they haven't been downloaded from my camera yet. I am a blog slacker!! I am so sorry.

Oh and the bee sting.....Jake was climbing the gate at the barn and of course I said, get down before you fall boy....he listened to his momma, turned around and a red wasp popped him right on the cheek. We know he's not allergic to wasps now. It turned a little red and hurt for awhile, now it's all itchy but he thinks he's super tough because he got stung right on the face.....BOYS!

That's the update around here. I'll dig around here and see if I can find a recipe to post. I made chicken and dressing for the first time last night. I always rely on my mom to make it because her's is so good but I had a lot of dried sage from my little herb garden this year and decided to make some. I called and got her recipe and she and my Dad showed up for supper. We had chicken and dressing, baked beans, corn on the cob and apple pie....yum!!!! I'll post the dressing recipe a little later.


Andora said...

I am so sorry about Nellie's baby..I hope she does take to one of the others when they come..
sounds like you all have been very busy..looking forward to the recipe and to see the new babies..


Thank You for joining my blog. I have joined yours and hope to get to know you. Sorry about your baby goat. We raised goats for years. We still have a few. They can be a lot of fun. Hope you are having a great day.

Arlene said...

Sorry about the baby too. I do not think I could go thru that again!! When I was younger yes but now ......I do not think I could. Anxiously waiting for those other babies though.


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