September 13, 2009

We Have Names

Let me introduce you to sweet little LUCY!

and curious little MARV (named by my 3 year-old).
I said, "Marv?"
He said, "Yes, Momma, like Erf, Marv and Jupiter!"
Hmmmm, I think he's been playing his Wall-E Leapster game again!

So there you have it....Lucy and Marv.
Even this little guy approved. He kept poking his head out and checking out the new babies the night they were born. I think he was making sure they were no more kittens involved!



Marissa said...

Not fair! You shouldn't be allowed to post such cuteness when a girl who is goat- challenged might drop by to witness it! Even the mouse is cute, and we all know what I'd be doing if I bumped into him in person!!
Love the names. Love the baby goats. They look like they want to come live with me, as all baby things do. Sigh.

Arlene said...

Oh look at all those cute babies!!! Again you have outdone yourself!! So glad that Dirt Cat is on the mend. And do you know that my husbands first name is Marvin? But his is not after Erf! LOL!!!

Farm Girl said...

Love your baby goats. Lucy and Marv are soooo cute. Brings back my teenage years when we had milked a couple of goats and had babies too. Had twins once. Love your pictures of all your 'farm community'.


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