October 27, 2009

Smart Critters

I have had this feeder hanging for 4 days. I go down each day and shake a little feed out. The deer come and eat it, then stare at the plunger stick thing that makes the food fall out. All you have to do is barely bump it and it falls out but these deer apparently think it's going to do it all by itself OR.....

They might get this smart little guy to help out!
I love the way he figures this out in about 2 seconds then the deer comes and eats what he has worked so hard for!




He knocked out a couple pieces of corn. He looks so excited here!

Gotta go back up and make more fall!

Oh yeah, that's more like it!

Hey wait a minute! Get outta here!

Gotta start all over!



Oh and this little guy is smart too. He has it all figured out. His arms just aren't long enough!
Hope this made you smile today!


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

This is Wonderful! Love it!whose the smartest? The Coon who figured it out or the Deer who gets the food after no work? :)

Janet, said...

That is so cute. Raccoons are smart when it comes to food. I feel sorry for the little squirrel, he knows what to do, but can't quite reach it.

Vera said...

Critters are smart and I love to watch them...

Janet Phillips said...

ha...I love racoons...they crack me up!!!!

Cheryl said...

Love it, pics are wonderful! Gonna be hard to keep that little fellow out of the corn now.

Arlene said...

Oh my look at that wildlife!! Did I ever tell you that we had a pet raccon? Yep it got into everything!!

Anonymous said...

lol that was very cute. Thanks for sharing it with us: )

Callie said...

Those are great photos! Smart raccoons are so smart.

Marie said...

I enjoyed those pictures. I bet before it is over, the squirrel will have it figured out too.

Andora said...

It did make me laugh...I love to watch the coons...they come on our porch a lot and eat the cat food....that was really cute...great post and great shots...

Glenda said...

Hope that feller sticks with the corn and stays away from the chicken coop! Great shots!

Shelley said...

This did make me smile! Those racoons are such devilish creatures! Cute pics!

Rose said...

Put a smile on my face this morning. Thanks.


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