December 16, 2010

Winter Farm Update

Brrrr! It's been wintery cold here lately! I throw on my coveralls and Muck boots and head to the barn each day. There's so much to do out there in the winter that I don't think to grab the camera on my way out. Everyone needs feed, hay, water and a little snack of course!

I feed the dogs at the house then the cats from the barn are usually on the porch waiting. They walk back to the barn with me.

Uh-oh! I've been spotted! As soon as the goats hear the door close they start (very loudly) telling me how hungry they are! Look at the belly on these gals!

Winter fat and hopefully little babies in there are making these gals look a little round for the holidays! They LOVE dried bananas, a new treat I added to my pocket a few days ago.

Nellie AKA Miss Piggy is such a big baby. She's always first in line for a snack.

Nanny takes her turn and Lucy is behind me trying to eat the flap off my back pocket!

Bella and Marv are hanging out in their stall impatiently awaiting their turn! A little snack for everyone and then the real feed and they have large round hay bales in their lots so I don't have to put it out each day.

Time to check on the chickens. Bootsie is still in the brooder with her 3 bitties. A little too cold for these fuzzy legged little guys to go to the larger pen yet.

The big chickens are always waiting....

Ready to run out the door and find bugs or whatever they find in the snow and mud after they have their feeding frenzy at the feeder.

The younger pullets and my Bantum Cochins stay in the smaller pen and chicken house.

Stud still thinks he's, well........the stud.

Who is that up there?

It's the guineas! They don't like Biscuit, the basset hound, so they hide in the hay loft until he goes back to the house.

The geese are waiting for me to add more water to the electric buckets so they can dip their long necks in.

I so need a miniature donkey or two for my little farm! I'm on the hunt for one (or two) now!
BTW, if you have livestock, those heated buckets are wonderful!

I make my way back to the house...

Deer are still looking for apples under the apple tree.

And someone else will need a refill of suet soon! Don't forget about my suet recipe. The birds love it during this winter weather!

That's how my daily barn chores go! Tomorrow, I'll put on my coveralls and Muck boots...

and do it all over again because....
I love it!


Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch said...

Love you pictures! You will so love having donkeys on your farm. Mine are medium size but they act like litle spoiled puppies. Boy will they let you know when it's time for a treat. I buy carrots in 10 pound bags.

The Chicken Keepers said...

How do those darn goats know the second to start crying till they get their treats... it's the same at my house the minute the door shuts they know it's time for food! :) And oh boy do my chickens want to get out and find bugs... too bad there's about 3 feet, yes feet of snow here. Beautiful pictures and lovely critters!

Hope you have a great day!
The Chicken Keepers

sawn61 said...

Are you doing that deliberately,to make me feel guilty for selling my goats? Well, you did and I do. I hate going out to the mail box or out to get more wood for the stove, and not hearing them calling to me. I may go back and beg to buy them back tomorrow.No,Just joking! But I do miss them.We have enough to do without them around our tiny farm, but you can sure get attached to those animals.You are so blessed to have them all.They will always love you unconditionally.Have a great Holiday Season.

Anonymous said...

What fun to go on your chores with you! The goats are cute...we saw some at the Columbus Zoo recently and every one of them were fat around their tummies!

texwisgirl said...

Loved this walk-thru. Your animals are so cute and I know they love the attention and treats you hand out!

Jules said...

Love the pics, don't look like you got all the ice we did :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

LindaG said...

Thanks for letting us share your day and thanks for all the pictures!
Everyone looks quite happy. :)

Joe said...

Nice pics. Everyone is definitely extra hungary when the weather gets cold.

Cheryl said...

Love the pics! But just reading this makes me cold, being outside in those temps.

Stay warm !

Lori said...

What a great post! I loved visiting the barn with you. I grew up with animals too, chickens, and cattle. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

Anonymous said...

It is that time of year ain't it. I do like you pictures, pretty cool.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

Teresa said...

Thanks for taking us along to do chores. So much fun! I certainly agree with that endorsement for the heated buckets. I can never seem to remember to take my camera with me too--and not enough daylight by the time I get home from work.

Marie Anne said...

What a lovely visit with your little family. Thanks for taking me along!


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