March 11, 2010

Officially a Lady!

No longer a young chick, no longer baby Boo. She is now officially "Lady Boo"! She has acquired this new title by gifting me with her first perfect little egg!
Thank you, Boo!
In comparison to even her momma's eggs, it's little.
Here we have a regular hen egg, a greenish-blue "Easter Egger" egg, a Bootsie egg, and a little Boo egg!
I think all eggs are beautiful and although she may never lay one of these.
I still think her little eggs are perfect!!
and they will fit right in with all the other different kinds of eggs I get each day! Now if I could just figure out where those guineas are hiding theirs!


Julie Harward said...

How sweet...we just got our first egg of spring the other day...I am hoping for babies this spring too! Come say hi :D

Arlene said...

What beautiful eggs you have!! Lady Boo is growing up!

Unknown said...

I am very jealous. We can't keep chickens where we are. I had them as a child and have always wanted them again. I'll just come back and admire yours occassionally.

Steph said...


Callie Brady said...

Ahhh... how sweet! Beautiful eggs. Love the blue eggs.

Granny Annie said...

This is such a wonderful post. It is always exciting when one of the chickens lays its first egg. It is a kind of excitement that people who don't love and name their chickens won't understand. I have never thought about the girls entering womanhood at the first egg but from now on we'll probably have to have bigger celebrations.

Jen said...

Very cute post... I love looking at eggs, lol.

Rose said...

Love your egg pics. We had bantys when I was a young girl. We may have had others also but the bantys are the ones I remember the most. Your eggs look perfect.

Jackie said...

Love this post! I'm so enjoying your blog.


Unknown said...

Aww how cute!

Mike said...

I always love the first eggs that they lay. It is so exciting!


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