March 12, 2010

He's What Color??

My phone rang at 5:58 a.m. yesterday morning. I very sleepily answered it to hear my moms voice. She said, "I have a baby!" I didn't have to wonder what she was talking about. We've been waiting one this baby for quite a while now.
The mare was given to mom a few months ago. Her owners couldn't take care of her anymore and she was practically wild. My Mom and Dad took her and over the last few months have shown her the kind of love and tenderness needed to turn her into a big baby herself.
The people she got her from told her that she might be bred because she had been in a field with a stud for awhile so we had no idea exactly when she was due to have her foal.
The big surprise is the color! He's gray and white! Some of these pics look like he has a brown tint but it's just the lighting. He is actually the color that he looks in this photo and look at that white face.
His mom is the color you see in the pics and we were told that the stud was a dark sorrel, almost black.
I think he's unique and beautiful! Mom is still trying to decide on a name.


goatmilker said...

He is so cute. I love the white face. Have a good day Rebekah

Julie Harward said...

He is so handsome! Such an unusual color mix! He is going to be so beautiful,there's a name for that silver color, I can't think of it, it's fairly new I think. How neat that they tamed and loved a horse that had not been treated right! Come say hi :D

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

My cousin said there's a name for that color too but he couldn't remember it. I'll have to do some research and see if I can find out more about it.

Linda Stubbs said...

What a sweet little guy! We have 5 horses. One is going to have a baby next spring, we hope!

Love your chicken egg and girly pictures. So fun!

Blessings, Linda
Prairie Flower

Callie said...

I think he is beautiful and unique too! I was searching around and found reference to Piebald and to the gypsy horse. You have a real treasure in this little guy.

Rose said...

What a beautiful colt! And he looks like a big one too! We had horses when I was a young girl in PA. I wonder if that color you are trying to figure might be "merle". He reminds me of the merle great danes I've seen. Whatever it is, he is beautiful!! Conrats to your mom on the new addition to her family!

Rose said...

After googling to find the correct description of this color I think your friend that came up with piebald is the closest, although they are usually black on the dark areas, not gray. It will be interesting to see if he remains the color he is, so keep us posted!

Elle Bee said...

He is gorgeous! I love his face! I've never seen a horse that color.

Kritter Keeper said...

what a beautiful face! he is adorable! the only worries i would have is the sun...the white areas tend to be more susceptable to carcinomas...your parents are wonderful people to take in a needy horse! kudos to them!

Jennifer said...

So Cute...

Arlene said...

What beautiful pics!! I have always loved the smell of a horse. Reminds me pf when I was a little girl. Thanks for that reminder!!

Anonymous said...

He's really cute! I am going to have to show him to my daughter when she comes in from playing outside.


Janet, said...

Wow, what unique colors. I've never seen one like him before. Very cute.


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