March 28, 2010

Meet Chavez (for the 2nd time)

Just wanted to post a few new pics of the colt. My brother has named him Chavez. I have no idea if that will stick or not. He's really filling out and getting so much more handsome.
He has what's called a wall-eye in horses where one has no pigmentation in the iris so it makes his eye look blueish-white. The other is brown.
If you get tired of seeing pics of this little guy, just ignore me.
He was so cute and happy to be outside playing with his momma yesterday.
Of course, he had to take time for a quick snack.
Pretty boy and he knows it!
I could take pics of him all day!
Even if he's just scratching his leg.
But I'll stop with one more. This one looks like it's in black and white but it's really not!
Until I have more baby chicks, I'll just have to post pics of this baby......or.......we have baby pigs due in May!


Rose H (UK) said...

How could any one get tired of seeing such a beauty? Thank you for posting photos to make me smile :o)

Callie said...

He is a beauty! It kinda looks like he has a #1 on his neck. Love the photos!

tberry29 said...

What a gorgeous colt. I wish I had a horse. Eventally, maybe : )

Mike said...

Baby horses are so freakin cute! I want one!

Paint Girl said...

He is so darn cute!! I love his color, but then I just love Paints! I will never tire of looking at him! Keep the cute pictures coming!

Jennifer said...

Wow, he is gorgeous! When I was younger and into horses I always wanted a bald faced paint horse, just thought those markings were so striking.

Anonymous said...

He is a gorgeous horse. Keep taking pictures, it would be nice to follow his trip to adulthood.

Christi said...

Great pictures. What a cutie--love the color!

Jennifer said...

Hes so beautiful... growing fast!

Julie Harward said...

He is SO handsome...I would stay out with him all day taking pictures too..thats how I tamed and then trained my baby...they sure love to be scratched don't they! Come say hi :D

Arlene said...

Oh what a beauty!!! I wish I was there to see him in person.

Rose said...

That young fellow is growing more beautiful all the time! Great pics! Keep them coming!

Millie said...

What a beautiful baby. I would spend the entire day with him too. And he poses so well!

Shelley said...

So many great photos of Chavez! I could never tire of looking at this beauty! Such long legs on him!

mornings322 said...

Gorgeous photos. I would love to live on a farm.

Have a great day


brookie said...

What a stunning little foal! Love that face! I am a sucker for great white markings. That little face made me ask my husband if I could buy a new colt. (He says I am not allowed to look at your blog any more.) ;)


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