June 19, 2009

A Quick Update

I worked yesterday and had to work today. I get my camera back Sunday so my posts should get a lot more interesting after then. I've missed my Canon companion. It's amazing how many things you see that make you think, "if I only had my camera" when you don't have it! The orange lilies that grow along the roadsides (known as ditch lilies around here) are in full bloom right now and they are absolutely beautiful but telling you about them is just not the same without a photo!

I received my prize from Linda over at Prairie Flower Farm and the fabric is absolutely adorable, plus I LOVE snowmen! Thank you so much!

Ga.farmwoman your cookbook is on the way, I sent it out Thursday (a day late, sorry about that!)

Lisa over at shmoopywood is having an awesome giveaway. Be sure to check that out too.

I'll leave you with a pic taken last year of a water lily from my mom's pond.

Oh and I am having a new give away for the 4th of July and it's NOT a cookbook. It's something very patriotic! I'll be listing it soon!


Glenda said...

A patriotic giveaway?!?!? Is it a Canadian flag? Heee heeee heee
I couldn't resist!
Love ya sweetie !

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Smarty britches! I do not condone name calling on blogs but since I've met this smarty britches in person, I have every right to call her that! :D

Lisa said...

OOOOH extra entry for you! Thanks for sharing!


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