June 25, 2009

Farm Bounty

After J's ear appointment, I dropped him off at school and came home to do some much needed cleaning before I head back to work tomorrow. Before I started cleaning, I decided to take a stroll through the garden, which is growing quite nicely, even in this nasty heat and I found these guys, the 1st of the year!

The corn is also starting to tassel and I have several zucchini that will be ready to pick tomorrow. The tomatoes are growing but still green. The beans will be ready soon if the deer will leave them alone. I came inside and checked the big pot of white beans and ham hocks I had cooking and put a skillet of cornbread in the oven.

I went back out to check on the critters and noticed that the apple tree is absolutely loaded this year. I still have lots of frozen apples and applesauce from last year! Looks like lots of fresh pies this year!

I made my way on to the barn where I found these gifts from the nice ladies of the coop. Thank you ladies!

and on the way back I had to make a pass by the blackberry bushes and look what I found. Almost enough for a cobbler. Just might have to bake one tomorrow night.

Hopefully, within the next few years our new fruit trees, raspberries and grapevines will do well. I didn't get much cleaning done but I enjoyed my afternoon strolling around admiring the fruits of our labor. I love the fresh farm bounty that out little farm produces each year.


Stone Bridge Farm said...

Mmmm those berries look so good!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

This reminds me of my blog the last few weeks!
I'm still knee deep in veggies and will can all day tomorrow! Your garden is gorgeous!

Glenda said...

You need to be so proud of yourself. Just beautiful.

Steph said...

We're starting to get squash and potatoes from our garden, and the blueberry bushes are almost ready!

Lins said...

Any woman that makes ham and beans is alright in my book! :)

Saw you were a new follower on my blog and I wanted to say thank you, and return the favor! Consider yourself followed.

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Thanks Lins for following me!

I need to get outside and see what needs picking today but it's 100 degrees out there. I think I'll wait until after sunset!

Carol, I'll be canning soon! It's hard work but I really enjoy it. I used most of my canned tomatoes during this past winter making soup and chili.


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