January 8, 2011

Adding A Forum

I decided awhile back that if and when I reached 250 followers I would start a forum to go along with my blog. Plus it's a new year...time to add on! I have been receiving several emails with questions and questions are coming up in the comments that I would love to be able to answer in a way that other readers can see as well. What better way to do that than a forum for discussing all things "country"? You will either have to register and then log in to post or using the little blue G (for Google) or the F (for Facebook) etc. and link your accounts but it will be worth the time it takes, I promise!!

I have several categories and boards already up and there is a suggestion board. If there is something you would like added please post it on the Board Suggestions board and I will gladly add it. It may not be a terribly busy place but it will be a place to post questions and hopefully get the answers you are looking for and a place to share stories and photos!

So check it out!

My Country Blog Forum

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems getting in!

I will be adding a direct link back to the blog from the forum as soon as I get a small banner made for it and a forum link will be added in the menu bar here at the top soon.

I'll be posting about my soapy play day tomorrow! I made orange soap and honey and oatmeal goat milk soap!


Peggy said...

I tried to join the forum by registering through my facebook but after several tries never got it to work. Am sure I am probably doing something wrong and will try again later

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

I used my Google account Peggy so I haven't tried Facebook. If anyone gets in through Facebook please let us know! I'll check and see if there have been any issues reported about problems with FB log ins.

LindaG said...

I'm using my Google account and it doesn't seem to be working for me, either.

I typed a user name and password to link to my Google account and received this error:

My Country Blog Forum :: [font color="FF0000">No title specified![/font]
(not an accurate copy paste because HTML/FONT is not allowed so I used brackets instead of the proper format)
I'm not worried about color, so I went to click on New Topics, and it wanted me to log in again, even though I asked it to save my log in information.

The part about logging in with Google/Facebook, etc., was back again too. It also said my user name and password was invalid.

I'm not familiar with proboards, so I don't have any clue what might be happening. Hopefully this information will help somehow.

Trish-Ladybug said...

If my information is correct when you have a
forum such as the one you set up for all your
Blog followers, When you click on the My
Country Blog Forum,to join each member (follower)needs to Create a "new" account
the first time, with a Users Name and Password
You have to register account....

This is how Proboard System (software is designed) protecting each individual member...
from anyone else using the Login Info..and posting using your users name...

Now I'm sure how FaceBook works ( dont have one)
But I do understand the Forum ProBoard...

1. Register
2. Create Account (Users Name)
3. Password
4. You will use tis each time you Log In
5. Once in create Profile of Basic Info
6. Can Upload a Users Photo (Avator)

Hope this helpful...for everyone...Looking
forward to the New Forum....
Enjoy Everyone.....:-)

JenW!~ said...

I just signed up, had trouble trying my google account so I registered my user name the old fashion way.

Teresa said...

How cool! That's a great idea. I am continuously impressed with your computer savvy!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Thanks for the tips from all of you! I have had a proboard gardening forum for years and always just used a regualr log in so this also my first time using it with a google account. I do think you have to sign up (register) with your google log in info then you can click the google button and it will log you in.

If you go through the steps that Trish posted it should work. We'll work all the glitches out, I promise! :) I am so excited about getting to know my readers better through this forum!!!

~Tonja~ said...

I registered and then linked up my facebook...
great forum...looking forward to getting to know everyone...

LindaG said...

It worked today. Thanks, Trish. And thank you, KFG for the forum! :-)


For those of you who are new followers/readers, don't forget to check out the forum and join in on our discussions there.

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