October 13, 2010

Our Road

is only 1.5 miles long.

Our house is 1 mile in.

The road dead ends a half a mile past our driveway.

It's quite and peaceful on our little road,

and I absolutely love

the last mile of my drive

each and every time I return home, especially this time of year.

It's beautiful!

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Dawn said...

This is a DREAM Road!!!!! I love this.
May I come and walk on it?
Beautiful Captures!!!!

Rose H (UK) said...

What a lovely road. It certainly makes returning home a pleasure.

Joe said...

Great pics. It looks so peaceful and relaxing.

Jennifer said...

Your road is BEAUTIFUL! Great fall photos :)

Anonymous said...

I remember going on evening hay rides down roads like this. The root system of the tree's at the side of the road always looked spooky in the dark!☺

Patrice said...

Beautiful! Great pix! I bet it's very pretty with snow too.

~ H said...

Beautiful Road and great pictures! We just bought some property in Iowa. There is no house on the land but there is a drive and it is tree lined like yours. The best part is a quarter of the way down the drive there is an old bridge. A beauty of a bridge. I wish we were living there NOW! Instead I will live vicariously through your pictures. Thanks for posting :D

texwisgirl said...

What a gorgeous way to come home!!! I love it!!!

LindaG said...

I love your trees and your privacy. Have a great day!

floweringmama said...

Oh the sights and sounds of autumn! Beautiful!

Farmchick said...

Stunning views. We live at the end of a small country road and we love it. Very quiet and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are beautiful. I can see why you truly love going home every day. Me too!


sawn61 said...

And just think. We (as have many others) have driven to far away places in the Fall to see the beautiful tree leaves changing colors. That is so foolish, with all the beauty we have right her in Kentucky. I think we have one of the most beautiful states during this time of the year.

Country Whispers said...

Oh my!
I'd love to have a road like that to my house.

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

Your road is incredibly beautiful! What a fabulous sight!

Janet, said...

Oh, what a beautiful country road!


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