September 20, 2010

Soap-making for Beginners

I have started a page on Facebook for beginning soap makers. Please join us if you're interested in making your own soap or have ideas to share! I am looking forward to learning from you and with you! You can click on the Facebook badge in the right sidebar or follow the link below to get there.

Soapmaking for Beginners

For those of you hooked on soapmaking, here's a little something you can use. I have mine in my sidebar and it links to all my blog posts that have the soapmaking label. You can do it that way on your blog or just use it as an image. Please right click and save the one you want to your computer then use it how every you like.


Sue from Ky. said...

I definitely want to make the home made soap again.I did it for a school project 30 years ago, but now I am starting small. I am using the "ivory soap method" of making my own dish liquid,body wash,and shampoo, that I found on one of the blogs. I am really liking the dish liquid so far. Maybe I will get to the real SOAP making this winter when the outdoors isn't calling my name every minute.

Lisa Brawner said...

stopped by to visit :) Saw your post over on Chickens In The Road blog I love making lye soap..


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