September 21, 2010

Rosemary Soap

Crisco — 16 ounces
Lard — 10.56 ounces
Coconut oil — 5.44 ounces
Distilled water— 12.16 ounces
Lye — 4.455 ounces
1 Tbsp. ground rosemary (optional)
Rosemary essential oil

I used the hot process for this soap. I loved the color of it BEFORE I added the ground rosemary. It was a beautiful creamy light beige. The rosemary gave it a brownish/green tint. The ground rosemary is optional since you are using the essential oil. It's up to you!
I used the Pampered Chef scalloped baking tube to make these flower-shaped soap. I also have the star and heart. I sprayed the tube really well with vegetable oil. You will need a thick piece of wax paper between the bottom and the cap that fits the bottom. If not, the soap will leak out when you're banging it on your counter to get the air bubbles out. I know this for a fact! When you're ready to remove the soap from the tube, stick it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Use your vegetable spray can to push the soap out of the baking tube. It may take a little muscle to get it started but then it comes right out.
I still love the rustic look of using a simple old cardboard box as a mold as well. Anyone else a newbie at soap-making? Don't forget about the new Facebook Soap-making for Beginner's page!
The rosemary recipe makes this much soap...
This recipe is adapted from Suzanne's Milk and Basil Soap recipe at Chickens in the Road.
Thank you Suzanne!


Kathy in KY said...

Wonderful! I sure am going to have to try and make soap once I get settled in my new place. It just looks so easy and fun, and would make fantastic Christmas presents! I really like the looks of the soap you used the tube from Pampered Chef for. And I was thinking that I could buy some quart size milk in the cardboard containers and use that for a mold. The possibilities are really endless, aren't they? Thanks for sharing with all of us, your soapmaking, made easy. Take care, from central KY.

Janice said...

Love the post! Some friends and I are planning on making soap for the first time ever in September. Here I was telling my husband that he needs to build me a box for a soap mold...I never even THOUGHT about using a cardboard box. How much simpler!!! Thank you so much for the idea.

Kentucky Farm Girl said...

Velveeta cheese boxes, Lipton tea bag boxes (the long family size), Little Debbie snack cake boxes...all of those make perfect sized bars. You only have to line the mold with wax paper if you want to use it again otherwise just tear the cardboard off and cut your soap into bars!

Anonymous said...

I think these are wonderful looking. If you keep this up, you'll make it impossible for me not to jump on this soap making bandwagon.



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