September 22, 2010

Okay Guys

I know I've been boring some of my male followers (Rick!) with soap making lately so I thought I'd share a few trail cam pics. We love putting the camera up this time of year and checking out the big boys.We have 3 cameras up. Two are on corn feeders and all we have seen on those are very young bucks, does and fawns.

But this camera is on a salt lick. The boys like their salt!
We have the younguns' (also known as the 3 musketeers). They are usually always together.
Here's a nice 8-point.
And then the big boys. The younguns' move over for these guys.
and I think this guy is OLD! He looks old in the face and the fact that he's only spotted during the day tells me that the younger guys pick on him if he tries to visit the salt lick at night. He's done some fighting. Notice the broken brow tine.
Hope you enjoyed the pics.


Joe said...

Now I wouldn’t say we were bored with the soap posts. I thought they were interesting BUT I really like the trailcam pics. Few things get my attention as quick as a big buck. That ten pointer is a really good buck.

Patrice said...

Their eyes look so funny with the night camera. Hubby thought the deer looked good, but quickly remembered that we have plenty of our own. Our deer are camera shy!

Kentucky Farm Girl said...

Patrice, I didn't get to can any green beans this year. I didn't get to pick a single bean. The deer ate them all!

~mel said...

Don't you just LOVE the trail cams! Nice bucks you have hanging around.

Michelle said...

We have been getting some good pics with our trail cam. Nice deer. I always enjoy seeing what's hanging around the farm.

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh! Wish we had deer around here.

They hear the guys around us target shooting and I think one of the deer put up a sign warning the others. lol

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures! It makes me wonder about all the night life I'm missing!


Anonymous said...

Young bucks or not they all look nice, the camera is doing a great job and I sure wouldn't move in.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Blackpowder Shooting

Kirk Mantay said...

Woah! That's some good growth!


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