August 26, 2010

Remember Marv?

Marv is one of Nanny's babies from last year. He's grown up into quite the handsome man. I don't talk about Marv much because he's such a shy, quiet guy. He's part pygmy and part Nubian, which makes him a Kinder goat.
Marv is our only whether so I think he feels left out from time to time. The girls are all pushy and demand attention. Marv just waits his turn. He's such a sweet goat. He loves it when I scratch behind his ears.
He always looks like he's asking you "Do you have a cookie for me?"
"Got any gummy bears in your pocket?"
"Will you take me in the house and let me sleep in your bed and watch TV?"

Okay, you're sweet but that's going a little too far Marv (if you didn't read the above link, my youngest son named him Marv. I said Marv? and he said YES, as in Earf, Jupiter and Marv! - so Marv it was!)

Marv wanted me to tell all of you wonderful readers that I am going to host another magazine give away tomorrow! The last one was such a hit, I thought I'd do it again! So check back tomorrow and jump in on the fun!
"Do you want to win a magazine? Huh? Huh, Do ya?"


Patrice said...

Okay, Marv, I'll try to get back for the giveaway. You're a cutie.(Shy goats blush at statements like that!)

The Chicken Keepers said...

Marv is such a cute goat! Will try to be back for the giveaway!

The Chicken Keepers

Jennifer said...

Oh My Goodness... Marv (love the name) is so cute, very cute post, lol

Kathy in KY said...

You made my day with Marv's story and photos. He is mighty handsome with that questioning look. Give him a cookie for me. I'll be back tomorrow for info on your giveaway - can't wait. Take care, from Fayette Co KY.

Lisa said...

Cute name. Cute goat.

Jill said...

Marv is SUCH a handsome guy! Won't he EAT the magazine????
Happy weekend to you!

Launi said...

Oh, sad--I missed the magazine giveaway. Good thing I subscribe to CW and ToH already. Marv looks like a wonderful fellow!


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