July 29, 2010

My Day

I started my morning out by heading to barn to feed the goats and chickens. On the way out I paused to watch 20 something butterflies on this one plant! There seems to be more butterflies around this year and I've seen several honey bees on my sunflowers.
Bella's mad at me. I have cut back on her grain and we've moved to milking every other day and I will slowly decrease this and then stop milking all together. I have no more room in the freezer for milk! I think I have enough to last my husband through the winter until the does kid again in the spring. Plus I want to give her some time to rest between milking and getting bred again.

Got that done and headed back to the house to check on my oldest. He's at home today with a cold.
He was still in bed watching a movie when I came back in so I headed out to the garden and picked these two buckets of tomatoes.

Hopped on the 4-wheeler and headed to the pond to check on the geese. They found the pond last week and haven't been back to the barn since! On the way there, I spotted this gal getting a drink.
She stopped and posed for me for just a second before slipping off into the bushes.
The geese love the pond! They won't come and eat until I drive away. I think they are afraid I'll make them go back to the barn!
On the way back I noticed the persimmons are growing. I finally get to make persimmon jelly this year using my steam juicer. I've never been patient enough to peel and remove all those seeds before!
The apple tree is LOADED this year and next on my list of things to can, steam and freeze.
Jake's feeling a little better this afternoon but he's still in his PJ's! I gave the puppers a bath this morning and they were in the mood to play!
I managed to dry three loads of laundry on the line today in between the other things I've had going on, and I turned those tomatoes into these.
Another 9 and a half quarts to put in the pantry for chili and homemade vegetable soup this winter. Yum!

I have finally sat down to do my "paying" job now. I'd rather take a nap like Biscuit!
Today's one of the slower days at the clinic so I'll have about 2 hours of work then supper, baths, family time and bed.....then start all over again tomorrow!

Thanks for sharing my day with me!

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Julie Harward said...

I have not seen any butterflies this summer...we have had so much rain! Your days remind me of mine as I was raising my family...golden days..enjoy them, they are days of such production and accomplishment! The son and the dogs are too too cute! :D

Anonymous said...

What a busy day. I agree that there are a lot of butterflies this year. I've also seen more dragonflies that I've ever seen. I wish my geese had a pond. For now they'll have to make do with the kiddie pool.


Kathy in KY said...

Those canned tomatoes look wonderful! And they're perfect when you can get that fresh tomato taste on a cold winter day when used in some chili. Sounds like you had a very busy, but also very positive and productive day - You Go Girl!! It was nice of you to share your day with all of us. Take care, my KY-sister, from Fayette Co.

Jennifer said...

WoW...... what a GREAT day!

Anonymous said...

I just love the picture of the doe through the trees.

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Marie Anne said...

What a busy day - you made me tired!

Cute pups (Jake too!).

Farmchick said...

I have noticed many more butterflies on our farm this year. Also, we have had more bees. Our sunflowers were full of them this past week. I love your geese and bassets!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

We have a plethora of butterflies, bees and dragonflies this year. WOW, you had a full, wonderful day. So nice to see someone doing all the things that I love so much. Glad to 'meet' you!

Patrice said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog today! Thanks so much for carrying my button. I will be back for another visit now that I follow your blog.
Take care, Patrice


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