July 23, 2010

Busy Summer Days

From blackberries to plums to peaches to cucumbers to corn and now tomatoes!
It's a canning frenzy around here. Jellies, salsa, bread and butter pickles,....
These are only a few of the jars stacked in various places around the house because my canning shelves are full! I also put lots of cut off corn in the freezer this year. Can't remember how many bags but we started with over 350 ears of Peaches N Cream sweet corn.

I froze peaches, canned peaches and made peach jelly. The new steam juicer was great for making juice with the peels left over from the peaches and the jelly turned out great.
My husband has been on vacation this week. I canned and froze and cleaned. He power washed the deck and front porch and stained and painted. We spent yesterday in the heat fencing the field next to the barn so the goats would have more pasture.

Today.....today we took the day off and went to the lake to swim! I took my camera and was too lazy to walk back to the car and get it. The boys had a great time and I got sunburned but it was wonderful to relax and not be standing over the hot stove, pouring things into jars.
Of course, when I got home.......these were waiting......but they'll have to wait a little longer because
I'm skipping again tomorrow and we're taking the boys to see a movie. I'll post my give away tomorrow.


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Sounds like you've been busy, but will appreciate all the work this winter-enjoy!

Steph said...

I know how you feel! I need to can some more tomatoes, but I just cleaned the cooktop! I need a break, lol.

Julie Harward said...

Been there...done so much of all that...have no more desire to do any...yours is beautiful though!

Anonymous said...

Such a busy girl you are. Everyone deserves to play hookie for a day and get out of the kitchen.


Rose said...

I think you are a rare throwback to good old fashioned attitude! I remember my mother and grandmother doing all this canning, etc. I know some who still do it also. Great post!! Enjoy all your days!!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

It is a lot of work but it's also one of my hobbies. People ask me why I do all that work when I can buy it from the store. No. 1, it tastes better plus I know where it came from and what went in it! No. 2 Satisfaction...the same satisfaction I saw on my mother and both my grandmother's faces when those lids would start to pop and ping as the steam settled in the kitchen. My grandmother turned 88 on July 15. I went to visit her the other day and she was canning tomatoes! It's in my blood! I have to can LOL!

Heather said...

Incredible! I did less than a dozen jars of freezer blueberry jam today and I thought that was doing pretty well!

It's only my second try, though...we did strawberry jam earlier this year and the kids have loved it...so when a friend allowed us to pick her blueberry bushes, I was excited. More to do tomorrow...and blackberries to pick for jam, too. Then pears and apples from our trees not so far off in the future.

I've never done cooked jams or applesauces before, so I guess I'd better be reading my Ball Blue Book and finding my pressure canner in the garage soon. I am inspired to see ALL those jars of good stuff you have. Maybe someday...

You can visit me back at http://blessing-farm.blogspot.com/

I followed you!!

Crystal said...

I love doing all the canning and freezing. Our peaches are not in yet but I am waiting patiently. We did put up about 35 40 bags of corn. I am still working on salsa and diced tomatos. My tomatos are still coming in. Love you blog.

Heather said...

I received my first blog awards and I wanted to pass them on to you. Visit my blog to check them out!


Jennifer said...

Way To Go! You've been busy! I havent got to can or freeze as much this year as I wanted to, not harvesting as much as last year. Nice to take the days off and go to the lake (we just got back from taking our kids camping)and movies, enjoy:)


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