March 31, 2011


You never know what you might find in the hen's egg boxes. I am assuming this is a young pullets egg. They have all just started to lay.

My boys thought this was absolutely hilarious!

It only had white inside! No yolk!


Linda said...

Wow, that sure is a strange one!

Teresa said...

That is quite the interesting shape. I think I found a duck egg in the chicken's nest box today. :-)

Brazy Creek Farm (Brad and Susy) said...

I love pullet eggs. They are funny! Ive had a few weird ones like this one. Have you ever had a really small one yet? I had a pullet lay one the size of a robins egg. A friend of mine calls those ones chicken farts LOL. Cute!

Gorges Smythe said...

Now THAT is unusual!

Dawn said...

That's actually a very cute egg! And I have NEVER called an egg "cute" before;)))

Jennifer said...

Funny lookin egg... we get weird ones every once in awhile too :)

sawn48 said...

The amazing things children get to see and do on a farm.Isn't it great?

LindaG said...

I've heard of that happening. Sure does look weird.
Maybe she was playing an April Fool's joke on you. ;)
Have a great weekend! :)

Julia said...

That egg is different. I've received a few strange eggs too. My strange eggs are usually ones in a membrane shell.

Granny Annie said...

We too have found some crazy looking eggs in the hen house when the pullets first start laying.


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