November 26, 2010

Food, Food and More Food

We used to be classy and use beautiful "real" plates for our Thanksgiving food.

(My aunt, dad, grandmother and mom)

But hey times change and these styro-plates hold more and make life easier. You can toss them in the garbage and lie on the couch rubbing your stomach moaning after the meal instead of washing all those "real" plates. Plus these are great for taking home all the leftovers in! We'll be eating leftovers for a week.

(My Dad and Uncle)

The "adults" got the big table.

See that one big sourdough roll left? It went home in my BIL pocket!

The rest of us were in the living room stuffing our faces, laughing and later playing some very intense games of BINGO!

I think my brother was worried I was going to take his food!
I forgot to get a pic of the dessert table. We had some awesome desserts and I got a new cake recipe!

Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's always causes a lot of people to feel like this and it will all happen again at Christmas!

I hope you were all blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, love, laughter and more food than you knew what to do with!


texwisgirl said...

Such a great, big, happy, full family! Love your dad and aunt's glorious white hair! :)

Anonymous said...

Certainly looks like a lot of family fun!


Farmchick said...

Nice pics and it looks like some good family times. Hope you share the recipes.

Andora said...

Looks like you all had a great time,,,and I definately don't have a problem with the styro dishes..

Nancy said...

Must be nice to have some many generations of your family in the same place at one time -- that's what it's all about!

sawn61 said...

Sounds a lot like our day. Mom and I visited the baby brother and his inlaws. They had the whole nine yards in the table settings department.Even their clock on the wall was exquisite. It played classical music at the top of the hour. Back home, we use paper plates, and our clock plays the sound of a different John Deere tractor at the top of every hour. I guess we're just true Rednecks.

Anonymous said...

I would almost swear those were my pictures from our family dinner. Paper plates are definately the way to go and for sure a time saver.

Thanks for sharing the pics from your holiday.

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LindaG said...

How wonderful! Hope you're having a blessed weekend, too. :)

~Tonia said...

I am all for the Fake Plates on big days like this! Its much better for enjoying family! Toss in the trash and you are DONE!

Michelle said...

I love the picture of the little boys!


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