June 19, 2010

Fowl Update

Apparently, I only get one Cochin Bantum baby at a time. Bootsie sits on 8 to 9 eggs and 1 hatches. That's it! Just like last time.
Hello Boo #2!
She is so little! Her mom is less than half the size of a regular hen.
Her Dad, well that's Stud of course and he runs the place. At least he thinks he does!
Here he is trying to fight Colonel Sanders, the Ameraucana rooster, through the fence.
Pumpkin and Red are still around. They don't fight very often but they keep an eye on each other.
We had to do some spur trimming and Red is mad at me. Those spurs get long and cut the hens backs if I don't keep them trimmed. He's giving me "the look".
The other chicks are growing
The guineas just hang out near the edge of the woods where two of the guinea hens are sitting on eggs.
Gertie-the-hen is getting old. Sometimes she gets confused and thinks she's a guinea because of the color.
and the geese...
They are growing so fast! They have their belly feathers now and are starting to get their little wingtips. One has developed what he thinks is the worlds best honk....his voice cracks a little in his adolescent age and it sounds more like something being tortured than a goose!
Big, clumsy and cute!
I have 4 little Black Giant/Australorp mixed chicks in the brooder. They are almost big enough to go in with the other younguns'.

That's our fowl update!!


Cheryl said...

If I ever make it to Kentucky, gonna have to look you up. Would love to take a tour of your farm!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

You just let me know when you'll be here Cheryl and I'll have the iced tea ready!

Jennifer said...

Awwww... EVERYONE is so cute! Congratulations on your new chickie, I just hatched out 26, I only kept 3, hoping they are girls. Do your roosters flog you?

Millie said...

I just love geese when they are in the tween stages--half baby talk and half honks. They are so much fun.

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Jennifer, none of these roosters are mean. I have had my share of mean ones but we finally have a group of gentlemen roosters. Stud will stand in front of the boys and bounce up and down like he's going to attack them but he's so little they just laugh at him and reach down and pick him up. You can tell it makes him so mad because he's trying to be such a big, bad rooster!

Glenda said...

I come in here for my bird fix. I sure do miss having geese. I love those web footed clumsies!

Julie Harward said...

I LOVE all these babies...Boo is so cute! We didn't get any babies this year..lazy rooster! LOL
I got the cook book today..."Fruit of the Spirit"...I just love it...filled with great recipes. I love that it is a family deal and the tribute to family who have gone before! Thanks so very much, I will surely be using it! Come say hi :D

Anonymous said...

Youo have such a nice brood, I'll enjoy following your blog an watching everyone grow. :)


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