June 8, 2010


The cherries are gone for another year. During all the rush and business of ball games, graduations, milkings and garden weedings, I managed to put up 9 pints of cherry jam and freeze several bags for later making pies, jams, homemade ice cream, etc. It's always sort of sad when the cherries are gone each year but that means the blackberries will be ripe soon!


Julie Harward said...

Hi there...I'm back after a week gone and oh my, I won?! How cool is that!!! (Box 113 Bicknell, Utah 84715) I love the idea of cherry jam too...YUMMY! :D

Jennifer said...

Love the pic. so pretty. I want cherry trees... we do have wild black raspberries in season right now ( I froze a tray today) and soon our wild blackberries will be in.

LauraP said...

Beautiful pic. I want to reach out and pick one.

Millie said...

Our cherries are just getting ready. I've just started the strawberry jams, and now I need to do cherries. Such is the way of life, it keeps moving.

LC David said...

Beautiful Red Cherries i love to eat cherries.


Katy's Eats said...

beautiful foto !

JenW!~ said...

Just stopped by from chickens in the road. Love your blog.Your pic makes me wish I had some cherries for jam making.

Plant Nsy said...

I myself love canning too.It's rewarding when you open a jar of preserves or jam and put a spoon full inside a warm buttermilk biscuit.


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