June 23, 2010

Morning Sounds

Lily in the morning sun...
I use lots of photos to share my farm stories but as I sat milking Bella this morning I turned on my "listening ears". There are so many sounds around a barn in the morning. I mentally made a list of the sounds I heard so I could share them with you.

It takes me about 5 minutes to milk Bella and these are the sounds I heard during that time:
  • First and foremost the rhythmic squirting of milk into my milk pail.
  • Bella munching her feed.
  • The other goats pushing and shoving over who has the most feed in their trough.
  • The twitter of two barn swallows discussing their nest overhead.
  • The sound of a barn cat sharpening his toenails on the old wooden gate.
  • The sound of the bassets and Tucker scuffling in the grass.
  • The breeze blowing through the big oak behind the barn.
  • A limb from the same big oak scraping on the edge of the tin roof.
  • The guineas chirping and waiting for some corn.
  • The twirp, twirp, twirp of the young geese talking to one another
  • The cheaping of young chicks.
  • The cluck of hens waiting for their feed
  • The louder rooster clucks of Red and Pumpkin deciding who will "rule the roost" for the day.
  • Far away I can hear a lawn mower
  • The motor of a barge on the river nearly 5 miles away as a crow flies.
  • Flies, always flies, it's a barn!
  • The many, many purple martins who have called their babies from the martin house. I love the sound they make when the sky is full of them and they are going about their socializing in the early morning.
  • Then I hear a voice, no two voices, and I look to see two little boys in their underwear, standing on the front porch, yelling, "Momma, we want some breakfast!"
Take a few moments to close your eyes and enjoy the sounds in your life.


Jennifer said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL post! I love to stop and just listen to the world around me, its so peaceful and relaxing :)

Julie Harward said...

I loved this...it really took me back to the farm I was raised on, nothing like it! What you shared sounds like the symphony of nature...all so healing to our souls! (I am doing a post on you and your recipes later today :D)

Millie said...

What a wonderful post. We are sometimes focused on what we see, we forget about all the other senses. Thanks!

Rose said...

I just came back from visiting my sister in Kentucky yesterday. I would have loved to be able to sit "out" and listen. (Well, I guess I did maybe once or twice for a few minutes.) But it was quite hot while I was there, so we stayed indoors a lot and just enjoyed being together! Nice post, and beautiful picture!!

LC David said...

What a beautiful flower, really nice yellow flower.

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