April 14, 2010

Time Castle

I was taking a photo of this clock tower on the Sevierville, TN courthouse on our way to Maggie Valley, North Carolina during Spring break and my 4-year-old yelled, "Momma, look!!! It's a time castle!"

A little history on this "time castle"....
The Sevier County Courthouse was completed on November 10, 1895 with Kenneth McDonald as the supervising architect. This is the fifth courthouse for Sevier County and was built for a little over $22,000. Limestone came from a nearby quarry and Isaac Dockery, a notable African American brick mason in Sevierville, manufactured the bricks. The centerpiece of the courthouse is the Seth Thomas clock which is located in the 130ft tall tower. This clock cost more than $1,300 and is still in flawless operation today. Several finishing touches were made over the next several months and the first court was held on October 5, 1896.
(Information taken from here.)

I'll be sharing a few different vacation pics during the next week.
Oh and I'm hearing peeps coming from the incubator in the bedroom (a day early)!! My poor husband will be sleeping on the couch tonight if he plans on getting any sleep!


Anonymous said...

What a smart little 4 year old you have there! I love the Time Castle.

I always love looking at the pretty county courthouses when we travel. (which isn't much lately) need to work on that.

The history on the courthouse was interesting.
Have a great day.

Rose said...

I love the thought of a Time Castle! This country is so rich in history and wonderful sites to see. I really hate to fly anywhere and would rather drive myself to go places. When my husband was alive I would plan mini vacations for us even just seeing different things around NY state. Too bad more people don't appreciate this great country and the history behind it and how we got to be such a great nation. I'm glad you are enjoying your vacation!

Kritter Keeper said...

that is ingenious of your child! been by there many times going to gatlinburg!

Millie said...

I love the time castle. I look forward to seeing chickie pictures. Those baby birds are always so sweet.

Rose H (UK) said...

Time is precious - so yes, it needs to be guarded in a castle!

Granny Annie said...

"Out of the mouths of babes". Of course it is a "time castle" and of course you have a very creative four-year-old.


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