October 10, 2011

My Boy Is A Hunter Too!

(WARNING: Photo of my little deer hunter and his first deer. I know some of you don't like the more graphic photos related to hunting so come back tomorrow! Thanks!)

Jake took his first deer this afternoon, a button buck! This weekend was youth season in Kentucky. He had been practicing with his .243 he got for Christmas last year. I knew he could hit the target but wondered how he would do with "the real thing!" All you hunters here would have been proud! He was as steady as a rock!

He dropped him where he stood! He also helped me dress him out but said I have to cook it! I bet he eats his fair share of it! He told me he thought he was ready to kill one with "big ole antlers" now! What can I say, hunting is in our blood and his Dad and I are very proud of him!

Congratulations Jake - Master Deer Slayer!!


Gorges Smythe said...

Ain't no amount of money can buy a grin like THAT!

LindaG said...

Congratulations from me, too, Jake! That is fantastic!
I can't manage a pistol for shooting, haha. That's a nice rifle.

Linda said...

Congrats to Jake.....looking soooooo proud!

Jennifer said...

Very cool. My husband doesnt hunt, doesnt really like it... my teenage boys would love to hunt, guess they will when they grown up.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I goofed my first comment sorry.

Congratulations to Jake and hope you have many more ventures in the deer woods.

Check out his spotlight,

Vickie said...

Hey there, popped over from Lana's blog. I saw your pic and had to congratulate your boy. My boys hunt, too,(they're grown now) my husband does a little. I grew up with it - used to tease my dad that I didn't know what beef was til I got married!

I've got nice bloody-tongue-hanging-out dead dear pics at my house and we're proud to show them! Good job, there, young man! You know he can provide for his family now!

Joe said...

Congrats to Jake. That smile is from ear to ear. I killed my first deer with a .243.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

What fabulous photos... and memories! Boy, he must have been so proud (though never as proud as mum and dad would be ;)

May he have many happy years of hunting ahead of him... and may you have many years of cooking!
Anne x

Stevie said...

That's a great pic! And not graphic at all. When my son got his first button buck, he and his dad smeared some of the blood on his cheeks and then took the pic. A great one for the scrapbook! LOL! Stevie@ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

Farmland Investor said...

That's not bad at all! The reality is, the deer population is out of control, and its just a way of culling them. As long as he respects nature and the animal, its great!


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