May 9, 2011

Delicious Pot Roast

I have received a few concerned emails and posts from my readers concerning the flood! Flood waters are still up but slowly receding. I am sorry to have worried some of you! I had surgery last Wednesday. Nothing serious, but it is taking a little while to recover from. My wonderful husband and boys have been pampering me and taking care of the animals. My husband went back to work this morning. I made it to the barn and fed everyone. (Yes, I was told to stay in the house and take it easy but that's hard to do when it's so beautiful outside, right??).

I thought I would share a delicious recipe for pot roast I found a couple of weeks ago.

It's easy to throw in the crock pot and have for supper while I'm recuperating!

Delicious Pot Roast
3 to 4 pound roast
8 medium potatoes
1 bag baby carrots
1 package Ranch dressing mix
1 package Italian dressing mix
1 package brown gravy mix
3-4 garlic cloves (pressed)
2 - 3 cups water

Peel and quarter your potatoes and put in the bottom of your crock pot, add carrots. Add thawed roast on top of vegetables.

Mix together the dry dressing mixes and the brown gravy mix. Pour this over the top of your roast and rub it in well. Add two cups of water to crock pot. Press 3 - 4 garlic cloves and add garlic to top of roast and rub in.

Set Crock pot on high for 6 - 8 hours or low for 8 to 10 hours. I do turn the roast once or twice while it's cooking and add a little more water if it's needed.

This is so good! You end up with a wonderful roast and gravy. We love to eat it served over homemade bread with a side of beef rice.

Printable Recipe


Julie Harward said...

I have made it this way too and it is good! Don't over do my friend..take it easy a bit! :D

Teresa said...

Make sure you let them pamper you until you are totally ready to get back to it. Take it easy!

mountain mama said...

i LOVE pot roast! i also love my crockpot :)

hope you heal very's so hard to stay still isn't it?!

Patrice said...

Get well soon and take all the pampering you can get!:)

sawn48 said...

Just went through a medical procedure myself. I hated waiting a week to get back to my routine,but with my check up today,he said all is well.Glad it's over and I'm back to my old self,digging in the dirt and loving every minute of it. Take it easy. I know it's hard when you are used to doing so much,but it will be there when you're all better.

Jennifer said...

Looks really good.

LindaG said...

Get well soon!

And thanks for the recipe. What cut of meat do you use?

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

My stomach is growling now! I LOVE pot roast. I'ma have tell hubby he needs to make some for dinner soon. (He cooks, I bake.)

donna said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am always on the lookout for crock pot recipes. I am glad you are recovering from your surgery. I know its hard but try not to overdo. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Marie Anne said...

Garlic and ranch dressing? Sounds wonderful! Hope your back on your feet soon.

Lana C. said...

I am so excited to see your interesting posts and pictures! Since my husband and I are trying to start a small farm, your blog is very helpful. I will be re-visiting and soaking in all of your entries. Thanks for sharing!

Lana C.


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