February 5, 2011

Tin Can Crafts

Sorry for not posting this on Thursday like I promised. It's been a very busy last couple of days with helping my friend Brooke strip wallpaper at her new house, a trip to Nashville and going to my cousins baby shower today.

So what do you do with your tin cans? Do you throw them in the trash? Recycle? I found a couple of cute uses for them and I'm looking for more!

I made these adorable tin can candles and a pen/pencil holder. They are so cute and easy and reusable! You can see my first candle-making post here. The addiction has only grown since starting to make my own candles.
Hint: I have found that old crayons are great for coloring candles. Just choose your color, toss them in with your melting wax and stir well.
Update: goatmilker had mentioned that crayons should not be used because they clog up the wick and the candle doesn't burn as well. I did some reading and this does seem to be the case. I'm still going to use them for my experimental candles that I will be using here at home but if you make candles to sell you might want to use the dyes made just for candle-making.

I use one of those Pampered Chef can openers for opening my cans and leaving a smooth edge. Then I peeled the labels, washed the cans well and decided on the color paint I wanted to use for the trim on my can. I like the rusted look so I went with an orange-brown color but any color that matches your decor will work. I was wanting a little texture so I searched my kitchen for ideas. I thought of sand but I don't have sand in my kitchen, then I thought of SUGAR!

You can see the texture at the top and bottom of this tin can candle above. All you have to do is spray a layer of paint, sprinkle with sugar and spray a layer over the top. Let dry.

Add the wick. I hot glue mine in the bottom of the can. Fill with melted candle wax, add color and fragrance if you want to) and let harden. Once the candle has hardened, top it off with a little more melted wax if you need to to get a flat candle surface. Find a cute graphic. I use PCCrafter.com for almost all my crafting graphics.

Print on full label sticky paper, peel and apply (or you can Mod Podge to apply the graphic to your can). Rub down well. I spray mine with a couple layers of Krylon Crystal clear acrylic spray and let dry. Tie on a bow, string, raffia, etc. and enjoy your new primitive country tin can candle!

I have the "Welcome Friends" one on my desk holding my pens and pencils. What other crafts could I use tin cans for? I've been collecting them to the point that I can't open the door under my sink without them rolling out! I need more ideas! I think they would make cute planters for herbs in my kitchen window.....to be continued.....


TexWisGirl said...

Very cute. Especially love how you added "texture". :)

goatmilker said...

My freind made candles with crayons for color and her candles did not burn right. I then later found on a website not to use them cause it can clog up the wick and it won't burn right. Just thought I would share. Have a good day.Rebekah

Lisa Brawner said...

those turned out adorable . I will have to fix up a few cans. I need something to sort beads in to store

Joe said...

Like the candle one :).

Teresa said...

Loved your interview. I also use tin cans to melt candle wax in and pour. It's great if you are working with several small colors of wax. Just use pliers to crimp a pouring spout. Your candles are so cute!

StaceyJeannette said...

Love these candles! I can't remember where, but I saw on a blog once where someone made a cute little electric light out of a tin can, and put it in their bathroom.

LindaG said...

I usually recycle ours, but thanks for these great ideas! I'm definitely saving this article for future use! :-)

Kentucky Farm Girl said...

goatmilker, thanks for that tip! I've been burning these for a few evenings and so far so good but maybe I haven't gotten to the "crayon" part yet!

Changes in the wind said...

I always enjoy how you use what is at hand...very cleaver.

Jen said...

Those are so cute!

Tonia said...

We have been saving ours to start plants in them..

Kim said...

I have been putting off learning to make candles for years but I think I am finally inspired enough to get going. Thanks for these posts!

Nancy K. said...

OMG ~ How ADORABLE! It may just be time I tried candle making...

Jamie B said...

Hello, Your tin can candles and pen/pencil holder are adorable! I can't believe they started out as regular old tin cans. You are so talented :) I hope it's okay, but I just couldn't help but feature them on my tin can crafts round-up! You can see it here:


Thank you so much for sharing your amazing tin can crafts :)

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