January 24, 2016

No Snow Day for the Ladies

Made my trip, on foot, in the snow, to the "store" for eggs!
Eight inches of snow didn't keep these ladies from showing up at work!
Lunch Break!!
"The Boss" is keeping his eye on production!
Nice work, Ladies!!!  See you again tomorrow!

December 8, 2015





September 13, 2014

Handsome New Cowboy

There's a new Cowboy living at our house and what a gorgeous cowboy he is!  Meet my "Cowboy"!  Luke kind of likes him too!
He's 3 years old and has just came back from the horse trainer where he spent 3 months.  We are still figuring each other out but I'm looking forward to years of riding with this boy.
He looks a little thin here.  We had a hard winter, he had surgery and got moved to a new farm.  He came back from the trainers all muscled up but still a little thinner than I like!
He's looking better every day now that he's out on pasture.
And I think somebody needs to tear that building down before it falls on my horse trailer!

October 11, 2013

Kitchen Tip #1 (Brown Sugar)

There are probably a lot of kitchen tips scattered here and there throughout my blog but I've never thought to number them!  So here goes....I'm calling this #1........Put a piece of bread in with your brown sugar.  If you know why....stop reading now and go do something FUN!!  If not, read on!

 photo sdfsdf_zpsb507e322.jpg
 I've used this for quite some time and it always amazes me how the brown sugar pulls the moisture from the bread causing it to stay..........

 photo tyjtyjtj_zpsb713db6d.jpg   Soft and Crumbly!

The bread doesn't fair so well.  It'll be as hard as a rock later but that's ok!  This lasts a long time.  I only change mine out if the sugar starts to harden again, or if I happen to be making a sweet potato with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.  

 photo fghfgh_zps2d1547d8.jpg
Yum!  I think that sugar deserves a new piece of bread!

August 31, 2013


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